Microsoft Interview Questions

General Microsoft Interview Questions

Q1.What is MFC?
Q2.What do you know about Microsoft online?
Q3.What do you mean by marshalling and when do you think it is not necessary?
Q4.Why is Option Explicit used?
Q5.What are session variables?
Q6.How many data types can Vbscript support?
Q7.Differentiate between web application and web service.
Q8.What is view state in .NET?
Q9.How does SharePoint function?
Q10.Which files are needed for booting windows OS?
Q11.State the number of files which can be uploaded in Sharepoint.
Q12.Tell us how you would create a logon script that will automatically install the SMS client on all desktops, when you wish to install an SMS client software based on logon credentials, under the following circumstance:
All desktops run Windows 98. All servers have Microsoft Windows Server 2003. You have to set up the SMS client software on all the desktops on the network.
Q13.How can virtual root be created in IIS?
Q14.What do you know about Microsoft Project Server?
Q15.How many languages can .NET support?
Q16.Name the file required to boot win-xp.
Q17.What is XHTML?
Q18.How will you be able to administer MS IIS remotely?
Q19.What do you mean by Response object?
Q20.What do you know about IUnknown? Tell us about itís three parts.
Q21.Tell us about Cross Page Posting.
Q22.What do you know about ASP.NET?How is it different from ASP?
Q23.What do you know about Java?
Q24.What is a window DNA?
Q25.State the difference between windows seven and windows vista.
Q26.What is HTTP Module?
Q27.What are cookies?
How are they different from session?

Microsoft Interview Questions- .NET

Q28.Differentiate between .NET 1.1, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0.
Q29.State the difference between .NET and Java.
Q30.What do you know about assemblies?
Q31.Tell us about the features of Ado.NET.
Q32.What is a strong net?
Q33.State the relationship between Application, Application Domain and Process.
Q34.Tell us something about System.Drawing.

Microsoft Interview Questions- SharePoint

Q35.Can you link SharePoint to a SQL database?
Q36.Can you note down the features of the Office SharePoint server 2007 search component?
Q37.What do you know about Microsoft Share Point portal server?
Q38.Tell us about the advanced features of MOSS 2007.
Q39.How is it possible to implement impersonation in SharePoint?
Q40.Tell us about Windows Sharepoint Services. How is it useful in rendering Webapplication in SharePoint?
Q41.What do you have to say about SharePoint from a technical perspective?
Q42.Does SharePoint work with NFS?

Other Microsoft Interview Questions

Q43.What do you mean by Network Load Balancing?
Q44.What is a WebConfig File?
Q45.Tell us something about backup compression.
Q46.Differentiate between DLL and Assembly.
Q47.Is it possible for me to acquire a domain name for my website?
Q48.What do you mean by IL in VB.NET?
Q49.What do you mean by application domain?
Q50.Differentiate between Dataset and Recordset.

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