Interview Questions for MRF

MRF Tyres is a leading tyre manufacturing corporations in India. Established as a toy balloon manufacturing company in 1946, MRF has come a long way producing tyres of all kinds for small to big vehicles, and tubes and conveyor belts. Based in Chennai, it is widely known for its research and development work and marketing processes. MRF hires freshers and professionals from various fields like Engineering, Physical Science, Management, Accounting, Sales and Human Resources.

The recruitment procedure of MRF takes about 2 3 weeks or even more in some cases. It includes written tests, group discussion and personal interview. This may vary depending on the job profile. For instance, a candidate applying for the Production Manager job will have to take intelligence and technical tests and then give a personal interview, whereas hiring for the position of Research and Development Manager includes a psychometric test, technical and intelligence tests, and interview.

Here is a list of commonly asked interview questions in MRF:

General Interview Questions for MRF:

Q1.Introduce yourself.
Q2.What do you know about MRF?
Q3.Why do you want to work in the tyre industry?
Q4.Are you open to relocating to another city in India?
Q5.What are the things to keep in mind while relocating to another city especially if the place is very far and different from your home town?
Q6.Do you have any work experience? Tell us about the work you did in the previous company.
Q7.Why do you want to leave the job in the previous company?
Q8.What does quality work mean to you?
Q9.What makes you better than the other candidates for this job profile?
Q10.How can your past work experiences benefit you in this job position?
Q11.How do you think MRF can change itself to increase its profits?
Q12.Tell us what you know about the 5 'S's.
Q13.What will you do if you have to work in a factory that looks dirty?

Technical Interview Questions for MRF:


Q1.Tell us about your educational background. Why did you study ___ (subject for graduation/ post graduation)?
Q2.Tell us about your internship project. What did you like/ dislike most?
Q3.How will you derive the formula for calculating LV Cable Sizing?
Q4.What are the parameters for safety in tyres?
Q5.How does an inverter work?
Q6.Draw a diagram of a simple machine.
Q7.How would your differentiate between a Thyristor and Triac?
Q8.Give us reason whether a DC motor sans a starter can run.
Q9.What do you know about the coloring of tyres? Do you know why most of them are black?
Q10.Tell us about Diesel Generators.
Q11.What do you know about Automation?
Q12.How will you set up a renewable energy power source for a large factory?

Sales and Marketing Interview Questions for MRF:

Q1.What is the most attractive thing about this job?
Q2.Are you convinced you can sell tyres without having any prior marketing experience?
Q3.How would you differentiate between sales and marketing?
Q4.Sell a paper weight to me.
Q5.Give us a list of ways of use an eraser apart from erasing pencil marks on paper.
Q6.What are the trends in the area sales and marketing in the tyre industry?
Q7.Describe the most important qualities in a sales and marketing professional.
Q8.What do you know about Organic, Proactive and Reactive Marketing?
Q9.Which marketing technique is best for Tyres Digital or Tradition Marketing?
Q10.Tell us about a product that you are most attached to. Give reasons.
Q11.How will you convince an unsatisfied customer to purchase again?

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