Interview Questions for MTNL

As per available information Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited or MTNL conducts both written examination and personal interview for selecting their preferred candidates. Written tests are generally a mix of technical questions and basic grammar.

Q1.Where do you see yourself five years from now?
Q2.Can you tell us what the letter “O” stands for in SWOT?
Q3.Is there anything that you are afraid of? Do you think you have any weakness whatsoever? Is there any room for improvement in that case?
Q4.Can you tell us what an aquadag is?
Q5.Please tell us about the different hobbies that you have.
Q6.Tell us clearly about you vision.
Q7.State the antonym of dainty.
Q8.What do you mean by quiescent condition?
Q9.Current Shunt Feedback- what can you tell us about it?
Q10.What is your motto in life?
Q11.Why would you really use a comparator?
Q12.What do mean by CMRR? Does decimal have radix?
Q13.How many bits will correspond to 35 in binary?
Q14.What do you think would be the antonym of debonair?
Q15.What is the antonym of exasperate?
Q16.Please choose the correct option--- How would one measure the resistors---- (a) with watt (b) with ohms (c) with both (d) with none
Q17.Voltage shunt feedback--- can you tell us briefly about it?
Q18.State the antonym of explosive.
Q19.What do you think "vituperate" means?
Q20.What exactly do you think does the sync stand for with respect to TV transmission?
Q21.Can you tell us briefly about preparing a binary counter?
Q22.State the meaning of dazzle.
Q23.Tell us about your style of leadership in a gist.
Q24.What do you have to tell us about salary compression?
Q25.Herzberg theory- please tell us what you know about it.

Interview Questions Meant for Human Resources

Q26.What exactly do you mean by job enlargement? Can you differentiate between job enrichment and job enlargement?
Q27.Tell us about an Honesty Test in detail. What are its key components? How would you describe “job rotation”?
Q28.Please choose the correct answer. Which of these policies should the company adopt when a worker has gained fat---- (a) a cafeteria awareness program or (b) an employee awareness program?
Q29.How many types or kinds of leadership styles are there? Can you speak elaborately on them? Which one of them do you think would be ideal for organization like ours?
Q30.Can you tell us about the number of workers that should be there in the factory as per the Indian Employment Act? Please answer the question, keeping the Standing Order in view. What can you tell us about the present situation of the telecommunication industry?
Q31.What exactly do you have to tell us about Power Distance?
Q32.Halo Effect--- what do you know about it?
Q33.What is forced choice method? What exactly is meant by forced field method? What do you mean by arbitration?
Q34.Do you know anything about the sarva siksha abhiyan? When is it supposed to get over?
Q35.Tell us something about specialization of labor. When do you think downsizing is required?
Q36.Tell us in detail about sensitivity training. What can you tell us about internal equity? Tell us something about HRP
Q37.Name the first woman foreign secretary of India.
Q38.What is meant by cost of living allowance? What is mobility allowance? What exactly do fringe benefits mean?
Q39. Name the method by which the union and the employer of the company come in contact with each other when there has been a case of the breach of contract.
Q40.State the personality types in detail. State the key components of job specification.

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