Interview Questions for NABARD

Interview questions for NABARD:

NABARD interview questions can vary from general knowledge to behavioral questions to general math. Hence, it is important that you do an all-round preparation. Below are some questions for NABARD interview, in order to give you an idea of the kind of questions you might be asked.

Q1.Who elects the Lok Sabha speaker?
Q2.Who is the Governor's chief advisor?
Q3.In the year 1905 who partitioned Bengal into two parts?
Q4.For issuing currency in India who has the only right?
Q5.Who advocated the Social Contract Theory?
Q6.Who is referred to as the "Father of History"?
Q7.What are Vedas knows as?
Q8.Where in India, can we find disguised unemployment?
Q9.What does Article 270 of Indian Constitution provide for?
Q10.'GARIBI HATAO', when was this slogan launched?
Q11.What do you understand by Bank Rate?
Q12.Who developed monopolistic competition theory?
Q13.What does biogas (Gobar gas) primarily contain?
Q14.What is the purpose of using indigo blue while washing clothes?
Q15.What does water table recharging depend on?
Q16.What do you understand by the Latin word 'Ceteris Paribus'?
Q17.How is smoke formed?
Q18.What do you understand by the theory of Purchasing Power Parity?
Q19.Who elects the president in the United States of America?
Q20.Who started the Home Rule League?
Q21.How can one determine the approximate age of a tree?
Q22.What do you understand by the term endoscope?
Q23.Which microorganisms are the most versatile and adaptable?
Q24.What is the name of the disease that causes increase in blood sugar levels in human body?
Q25.Who elects the President of India?

Behavioral questions:

Behavioral questions are asked during the personal interview in Phase II. These questions are very important and are designed to help the interviewers analyze the attitude and personality of the candidate. Your answers need to be properly structured. Always remember long answers are not usually preferred. Make your answers short, simple and to the point. Below are some very commonly asked behavioral questions that you must consider referring to.

Q1.Tell us about yourself?
Q2.What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Q3.What is your educational qualification?
Q4.What is your professional qualification?
Q5.What experience do you have in this field?
Q6.Why do you want to work for NABARD?
Q7.What do you know about this organization?
Q8.Why do you want to quit the present organization you are working for?
Q9.What would be your attitude towards this job?

Q10.Explain your dream job
Q11.Tell us why should we recruit you?
Q12.Why have you applied for the given position?
Q13.What motivates you to perform better at work?
Q14.Explain to us how you would prove to be an asset for our company?
Q15.Have you ever supervised a team in school/college/organization?
Q16.If your job involves travelling, would you be ok with that?
Q17.What salary are you expecting?
Q18.Do you consider yourself to be a team player?
Q19.What kind of co-curricular activities would you like to get involved in?
Q20.What are the steps you have taken to improve your knowledge in the previous year?
Q21.What are your interests?
Q22.Do you think you have been successful in your field?
Q23.Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line?
Q24.Do you plan to study further?
Q25.What has been your biggest achievement in life?
Q26.What would you try to achieve to consider yourself successful at this job?
Q27.If you are asked to be relocated, would you be okay with that?
Q28.Would you be willing to put the company's interest before your own?
Q29.What are your blind spots?
Q30.Do you have any questions for us?

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