Interview Questions for NDA

Q1.Why do you want to join the Indian Defense?
Q2.State the minimum age required to qualify as the governor of India.
Q3.What is the meaning of your name?
Q4.The Lingaraja Temple of the Medieval period is situated in---(a)Madurai (b) Bhubaneshwar(c) Mount Abu (d) Khajuraho
Q5.Do you think that you have been able to satisfy your parents till now? Give reasons for your answer.
Q6.Name the largest ship of the Indian Navy.
Q7.Name the country which has the largest livestock population across the globe---- (a) United States of America (b) China (c) Indonesia (d) India
Q8.Tell us how would you respond to the following situation--- You have recently been informed that someone whom you know very closely is in contact with the terrorist group that has carried out a devastating nuclear attack in India in recent times, how would you react in that case?
Q9.The President of India is elected by an electoral college which does not consist of--- (a) The members of the Lok Sabha (b) The elected members of the State Legislative Councils (c) The elected members of the Rajya Sabha (d) The elected members of the Rajya Sabha
Q10.Name the first Prime Minister of India.
Q11.Who among these people was called Lokhitawadi--- (a) M.G Ranade (b) G.H Deshmukh (c) G.G Agarkar (d) R G Bhandarkar?
Q12.What kind of relationship do you share with your siblings?
Q13.State the difference between Naxalism, Communism and Maoism
Q14.Name the strait which joins the Arctic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean—(a) Bering (b) Davis (c) Magellan (d) Bass
Q15.Among the following regions which was not a matter of dispute between the Bahamani sultans and Vijayanagar rulers?---- (a) Warangal  (b) Krishna-Godavari delta (c) Tungabhadra doab (d) Marathwada country
Q16.Who among these traders were first to enter India during the Mughal Period--- (a) English (b) Portuguese (c)Danish (d) Dutch?
Q17.What kind of relationship do you share with your parents?
Q18.Name the highest peak among these--- (a) Kanchanjunga (b) Nanga Parbat (c) K2 (d) Nanda Devi
Q19.What would you do in case you are not selected?
Q20.Whom among the following can you relate Scientific Socialism with----(a) Karl Marx (b) Robert Owen(c) Saint Simon Henri Claude (d) Proudhan Pierre Joseph?
Q21.Name some of the things you want to improve near the place you live and also give reasons for your answer.
Q22.Who among these luminaries was majorly involved with the formation of the League of Nations--- (a) Franklin Roosevelt (b) Abraham Lincoln (c) George Washington (d) Woodrow Wilson
Q23.Elaborate on India’s Look West policy.
Q24.Tell us about the steps that India should take in order to check Chinese intrusion in the country.
Q25.Can you tell us very briefly about the Bloody Sunday in the context of the Russian Revolution?
Q26.How will you react if you are declared medically unfit to join Indian Defense?
Q27.Who was in charge of justice in King Ashoka’s kingdom?---- (a) Uparika (b) Jumaramatya (c) Shramana (d) Rajuka
Q28. What will you do if your mother stops you from joining the Indian Army, Navy or Air Force?
Q29.Tell us a bit about your hobby.
Q30.Which party did Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose find after he quit Indian National Congress--- (a) Forward Bloc (b) Congress Socialist Party (c) Krishak Praja Party (d) Swaraj Party
Q31.Who is the author of Ratnavali—(a) Chandragupta II  (b) Ashoka (c)  Harshavardhana (d)  Samudragupta
Q32.Have you scored as per your expectations in the board exams? If not how are you preparing to score as per your satisfaction at graduation?
Q33.State the correct chronological order of the events listed here--- (a) French Revolution (b) Industrial Revolution (c) Russian Revolution   (d) American War of Independence
Q34.Can you state at least one duty of the Planning Commission?

Q35.Who was the first President of India?
Q36.What is your favorite subject and why?
Q37.Which of these pair/pairs is/are correctly matched--- (a) Salman Rushdie:  Midnight’s Children (b) Arundhoti Roy: One Night at a Call Centre (c) Kiran Desai: The Inheritance of Loss
Q38.How serious are you about becoming a Defence Officer?
Q39.From when has been the decimal system first known in India--- (a) 3rd Century AD (b) 2nd Century AD (c) 5th Century AD and (d) 4th Century AD?
Q40.Have you ever supported your family economically?
Q41.Among the following, the name of the place which receives maximum sunlight--- (a)Kolkata (b) Pune (c) Allahabad (d) Leh
Q42.How comfortable would you be in joining the Defense Forces leaving behind your regular life?
Q43.Name the land locked country among these--- (a) Mozambique (b) Zambia (c) Angola (d) Namibia
Q44.Have you done anything in life till date to convert your hobby into your profession?
Q45.Who acts as the President of India in his and the Vice – President’s absence?--- (a) Deputy Chairman of Rajya Sabha (b) Prime Minister (c) Supreme Court Chief Justice (d) Lok Sabha Speaker
Q46.What do you think are your weaknesses?
Q47.Who proposed Ilbert Bill--- (a) Lytton (b) Cornwallis (c) Ripon (d) Curzon
Q48.Where does the Finance Commission derive its authority from--- (a) Constitution (b) Parliament (c) Supreme Court (d) President?
Q49.What do you think are your strengths?
Q50.What is the population of the town where you live?

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