Interview Questions for Nestle India

The first step towards preparing yourself for the Nestle India interview is to practice the interview questions and answers. Some hot shot questions to prepare before while preparing for an interview with Nestle India, are:

Q1.Tell me about yourself?
Q2.Why do you want to leave your previous organization?
Q3.Tell me 3 qualities of Nestle India that attracts you?
Q4.Why do you think you are suitable for this job?
Q5. What do you know Nestle India?
Q6.Define the process of digestion? (Nutrition Job Specific)
Q7.Define yourself?
Q8.What are the key nutrients needed for our body and what are their functions? (Nutrition Job Specific)
Q9.What achievements have given you the most satisfaction in your life?
Q10.Have you worked with in a similar job before? (Operation Job Specific)
Q11.Have you managed a team before? (Operation Job Specific)
Q12.How do you define failure?
Q13.What is the use of preparing a balance sheet? (Finance Jobs Specific)
Q14.What is ROI? Could you explain me in details with all calculations and proper examples how will calculate the ROI of a FMCG distributor. And explain it to me like I am a fresher and you have to explain all the things to me about ROI in proper steps and in such a manner that I would know everything about ROI after your explanations and examples. Now explain… (Finance Jobs Specific)
Q15.What is the difference between FBT and TDS?
Q16.How would you appoint a good CF agents and Super Stockists?
Q17.What is the principal of Flow Transmitter, Level Transmitter and Presser Transmitter?
Q18.What is Drive Speed and what is Driven Speed?
Q19.What is meant by Memorandum of Association?
Q20.Mention some of the tactics helpful for ‘Brand Awareness’?
Q21.How would you describe yourself? Tell us about yourself?
Q22.What are the limitations of Cognos Reportnet?
Q23.Tell me about your last three days at work - from beginning to end. 
  Q24.How would you control oil spill on a croissant? (Trainee Specific)
Q25.What is the sterilization temperature at HTST? (Trainee Specific)
Q26.What is your greatest weekend? (Trainee Specific)

Q27.Why are you interested in marketing/brand management? (Management Trainee Specific)
Q28.What are the most creative ideas that you have generated in the last two years?
Q29.Why should Nestle India hire you?
Q30.Do you know anyone who works for Nestle India?
Q31.Tell me how would you be an asset to Nestle India?
Q32.Please tell me about some of the products/services of Nestle India present in the market. What are the likes and dislikes for them?
Q33.1.Please tell me some of the competing products/services of Nestle India present in the market? And what is the difference between each of them and Nestle India?  
Q34.How do you propose to compensate for your lack of experience? 
Q35.Are you willing to put the interest of the organization ahead of your own?
Q36.Describe a situation when you had to make an important decision without having all needful information at hand.

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