Network Backup and Recovery Interview Questions

1.What do you mean by Full back up? Is it possible to carry out Full back up when the database is open?
2.Mention the steps required for database shutdown. Mention the steps for database startup as well.
3.How will you make sure that backups are performed on a regular basis?
4.Please explain crash recovery in detail
5.Explain how a point in time recovery can be carried out. Also mention how it can be carried out irrespective of a shutdown situation.
6.What do you mean by partial backup?
7.What do you mean by a log switch?
8.If a data file is missing, how would you recover them? Mention the steps in detail.
9.Which are the steps involved in physical stand by database creation?
10.Mention some of the reasons behind the failure of database restores.
11.Mention the steps involved in instant recovery.
12.If you were given a chance to design a backup and recovery solution, what would that design be?
13.What is Oracle Media Recovery?
14.Tell us about some regular post restore processes.
15.What do you mean by Archivelog Mode? What is No Archivelog Mode? Which one of these would be more advantageous—to operate database in an Archivelog Mode or in a No Archivelog Mode? Why?
16.How can database backups be impacted by database recovery?
17.What is a parallel server? How can a database be mounted with it?
18.Mention the different Restore system tables and state the function of each one of them.
19.Can more than one record be fetched?
20.Name some online backup services.
21.What do you mean by Mirrored online Redo?
22.What do you mean by Archived Redo log?
23.What do you mean by Restricted Mode in Instance Startup?
24.Explain the role of Cloud Computing in Disaster Recovery
25.Explain the types of pop up window in detail.
26.What will be your backup retention policy for best practices?
27.What do you mean by disk migration? Explain the steps involved in this process in detail.
28.How is it possible to ensure that the database backups are restorable?
29.How is data determined for differential backups?
30.Mention the steps involved in recovery of online redo logs in detail.
31.Can you say something about Zmanda cloud backup?
32.What do you mean by Striping?
33.How will you know that a restore has failed?
34.What can you tell us about the NoRecovery Clause?
35.Say something about Restorefilegroup.
36.What do you mean by bare-metal recovery? Mention the steps involved in this process.
37.Say something about Network backup Utility Programs.
38.Can you tell us anything about Final Data 2.0?
39.What do you mean by spindle?
40.What do you mean by incremental backup?

Oracle Backup and Recovery Interview Questions

41. State the difference between Crash recovery and Media recovery.
42.How is it possible to find out whether require table is available in export dump file or not?
43.State the difference between restoring and recovery of database in Oracle.
44.What do you mean by Complete Recovery?
45.What do you mean by export backup? Why is it called logical backup?
46.Can you place Recovery Catalog in the same Database?
47.Say something about an inconsistent backup.
48.What do you mean by incremental checkpoint?
49.Which backups can be taken by Oracle?
50.How can I carry out recovery when I am not able start database owing to corruption of a control file?

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