Interview Questions for Networking

Q1 .How would you define network?
Q2 .What do you understand by digital signature?
Q3 .What is SSL Protocol?
Q4 .What do you understand by DHCP?
Q5 .Why is a circuit level gateway used?
Q6 .What are the various classes of IP addresses?
Q7 .What is the meaning of a default route?
Q8 .What is the advantage of subnetting?
Q9 .How can the USB ports be controlled through network?
Q10 .How can a router be configured?
Q11 .What is the meaning of Message Oriented Middleware?
Q12 .How can Protocol be defined?
Q13 .What is the function of PING?
Q14 .How does ARP work?
Q15 .What do you understand by Kerberos Protocol?
Q16 .What factors affect the network security?
Q17 .What is bandwidth?
Q18 .When can we say that a switch is congested?
Q19 .What are the various categories of multiplexing?
Q20 .Which layers can be called network support layers?
Q21 .What are the functions of session layer?
Q22 .What are the various methods of data exchange?
Q23 .What do you understand by peer to peer networking?
Q24 .What are the various kinds of errors?
Q25 .What are the functions of application layer?
Q26 .What do you understand by rules and triggers?
Q27 .What is Structured Query Language?
Q28 .What are the various kinds of Transparencies?
Q29 .What is the meaning of a Linear Block Code?
Q30 .How would you define an encoder?
Q31 .What is Automatic Repeat Request?
Q32 .What is the difference between transmission and communication?
Q33 .What is Media Access Control address?
Q34 .What are the various layers of OSI model?
Q35 .What do you know about Layer-3 switches?
Q36 .What are the strengths of Data Encryption Standard?
Q37 .How is Asymmetric-Key cryptography different from Symmetric-Key cryptography?
Q38 .What are the various types of Malware?
Q39 .What do you know about the Domain Name System?

Q40 .How are routers different from gateway?
Q41 .How is baud rate different from bit rate?
Q42 .Elaborate on the major types of networks .
Q43 .What is 5-4-3 rule?
Q44 .What do you understand by logical link control?
Q45 .What is the difference between non- routable and routable protocols?
Q46 .What is an Authentication Header?
Q47 .How can IP spoofing be prevented?
Q48 .What purpose does VRRP serve?
Q49 .What is the difference between a switch and a hub?
Q50 .What do you understand by silly window syndrome?

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