Interview Questions on Oracle Apps

Q1.When do we use contract purchase agreement? What is it?
Q2.What do you mean by Flexfields? Describe their features in detail. How many of them can you find in an AR? Is it possible to add a Descriptive Flexfield to a table already including some data in it?
Q3.Explain the process of registering a concurrent program in Oracle Apps step by step.
Q4.Tell us about Oracle E-Business Suite in detail.
Q5.What is a Request Group?
Q6.What do you mean by workflow? State the advantages of workflow. Give some examples of the same.
Q7.State some of the report triggers and list their firing sequence.
Q8.Tell us about Oracle E-Business Suite.
Q9.State the difference between System Administrator and Application Developer.
Q10.What do you mean by Application Top? State its purpose and also tell about the different types of Application Top.
Q11.Which command should be used while executing a stored procedure?
Q12.What is Apps Schema? What do you mean by schema?
Q13.State the difference between Intercompany Sales Order and Internal Sales Order.
Q14.Explain the process of attaching reports in Oracle Applications step by step.
Q15.What is an REF Cursor? State the purpose of cursors in PL/SQL
Q16.What are external tables? Suppose you want to load data from flat file to staging table and you wish to use external table instead of sql*loader to do the same—how will you do it?
Q17.Tell us about the process of customizing reports in detail.
Q18.What are Autonomous Transactions? Why are they used and where are they used?
Q19.How would you be able to print multi language in xml? How would you be able to print multi currency in xml?
Q20.What do you think should be the role, functions and skills of a functional consultant?
Q21.Explain the different types of journal entry.
Q22.What is action trigger? What is format trigger? State the difference between these two. State at which level we are allowed to write the format trigger frame.
Q23.Explain a printer style and also state how you can develop it.
Q24.What do you mean by user exits?
Q25.Suppose you have a file which has the header and its corresponding lines. Tell us about the design to load this data into their respective interface tables.
Q26.RA_INTERFACE_SALESCREDITS_ALL--- can you tell us what it signifies?
Q27.Describe the architecture of Oracle Apps in brief.
Q28.Differentiate between security rules and cross validation rules.
Q29.What do you mean by SOB or SET OF BOOKS?
Q30.What do you know about Apps Hierarchy?
Q31.In case of a conflict in FSG who is going to supersede Row Set or Column Set?
Q32.What is value set?
Q33.Can you tell us anything about a concurrent executable?
Q34.State the differences between these--- vendor_id, party_id, supplier_id and cutomer_id.
Q35.Tell us about the GL Interface tables.
Q36.Differentiate between Lexical and Blind parameters.
Q37.State the difference between Descriptive Flexfield and Key Flexfield.

Q38.What do you mean by Formula Column?
Q39.State the difference between adjustments and discounts.
Q40.What are Summary Columns?
Q41.How will you make contract renewals?
Q42.Explain Roll Up groups in detail.
Q43.Explain the steps involved in setting up AP in detail.
Q44.Run Alone —what do you mean by this?
Q45.AR_PAYMENTS_INTERFACE_ALL—can you tell us about it?
Q46.How can you use a report builder in order to make a report?
Q47.After Parameter Form—can you tell us what it is?
Q48.Can you tell us anything about ICA?
Q49.How many schemas are there in total?
Q50.What is TCA?

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