Interview Questions on Oracle Concepts & Architecture

General Oracle Concepts & Architecture Interview Questions

Q1.Mention the large object types that the Oracle supports.
Q2.Tell us in detail about the relationship between the following and also describe each one of them in detail:
Q3. Can you explain an Oracle Rollback Segment? State its functions in detail.
Q4. What do you mean by Oracle identity analytics?
Q5. What are the data files used by Oracle RDBMS?
Q6. What do mean by Integrity Constrains?
Q7. What do you mean by SMON?
Q8. Explain Referential Integrity in detail.
Q9. What do you mean by Schema?
Q10. Explain the Physical Database Structure in Oracle.
Q11. Explain DBWn process and also mention the parameter which specifies it.
Q12. State the difference between BITMAP INDEX and BTREE INDEX.
Q13. What do you mean by data block?
Q14. State the process by which you can determine the physical architecture of Oracle.
Q15. Explain an Oracle Data Dictionary.
Q16. What is an Oracle Control File? State its function.
Q17. Explain a Redo Log buffer. What does a Redo Log do?
Q18. State the difference between Primary Key Constraint and Unique Constraint.
Q19. State the difference between snapshot and materialized view.
Q20. Explain a schema in detail.
Q21. Explain the different types of Segment. What do you mean by Index Segment?
Q22. Mention the components of the logical database.
Q23. What are data files? What are their characteristics?
Q24. What is Global Database Name? How is it different from SID?
Q25. What do you mean by View? What are its advantages? Does it contain any data?
Q26. Explain Oracle Architecture and its background.
Q27. Explain Row Chaining.
Q28. What do you know about SGA Definition Files?
Q29. Explain Temporary Segment in detail.
Q30. What is a Database link? Explain its types in detail. Differentiate between Private and Public Database links.
Q31. Explain System Tablespace.
Q32. What is a SQL Loader? Name its methods and explain them in detail. Name the files used by it.
Q33. What is a Check Constraint? State its limitations.
Q34. What do you mean by Network Database Link?
Q35. Explain a Cluster Key in detail.
Q36. What do you mean by Database Buffer Cache?
Q37. What is rownum? How is it different from rowid?
Q38. Explain a Discard File in detail.
Q39. How is it possible to update an Index?
Q40. Explain Public Synonyms in detail.

Interview Questions for Oracle Database Architect

Q41. Please tell us about the Oracle Architecture in brief.
Q42. Explain Oracle Duty Manager. State its function as well.
Q43. Tell us about your DML/DDL skills. Tell us what you know about Oracle 7.x, 8.x, 9.x and 10.x.
Q44. Describe your decision making skills. Rate your analytical, communicative and collaborative skills.
Q45. Please draw an Oracle on the white board and describe the threads and their functions.
Q46. Tell us something about Greenplum and MySQL.
Q47. Do you have any idea about Performance Tuning 4?
Q48. Tell us how you handled the errors in database that you have faced in your professional life.
Q49. What kind of experience do you have in working with a Star schema? Share your Data Modeling skills with us.
Q50. Tell us about your Java skills. What can you tell us about your experience of dealing with large scale databases?

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