Interview Questions for Oracle

General interview questions at Oracle

Q1. Why do you want to work for Oracle?
Q2. What do you expect from Oracle if we hire you?
Q3. Tell us about the previous projects you worked on and also mention their technicalities.
Q4. What is your idea about e-business?
Q5. A bag has 8 coins. 2 coins weigh w kg, 3 of them weigh x kg, 3 weigh y kg and 2 weigh z kg. Keep them in separate heaps in accordance with their weights.
Q6. What do you know about Oracle?
Q7. What do you think are your strengths and weaknesses?
Q8. What can you tell us about exception handling?
Q9. Do you have any exposure in customer relationship management?
Q10. Why should Oracle hire you?
Q11. Are you a team player?
Q12. What do you mean by kernel panic error?
Q13. Do you have any idea about Fusion Middleware/Application server?
Q14. Tell us something about SDLC.
Q15. Explain MOD function in pl/sql.
Q16. You have been provided two buckets with maximum capacity. There 100 white balls and 100 black balls. Distribute the balls in two buckets in such a manner that the probability of choosing a white ball is more than that of a black ball.
Q17.Do you have any idea about Global Product Security?
Q18.How is it possible to find count rows in table without count function?
Q19.Where do you see yourself in the near future?
Q20.Tell us something about product development.
Q21.What do you mean by real-time information?
Q23.How well and quickly can you learn new web applications?
Q24. Explain Bill of landing Program in Order Management
Q25.Do you have any formal experience in project management?
Q26.Will you be comfortable in travelling if required?
Q27.What can you tell us about information management?
Q28.How would you like to work towards ROI maximization?

Interview questions for Corporate Recruiting Research Analyst at Oracle.

29. What do you know about the Web 2.0 technologies?
30. Share your knowledge about the Boolean Search techniques.
31. Do you have any experience of working with Applicant Tracking Systems?
32. Do you have any HR experience?
33. Describe your organization skills.
34. How keen would you be on working towards client satisfaction if we hire you?
35. Tell us something about your communication skills.
36. Describe your evaluation skills.
37. How would you like to describe your research skills?
Interview Questions for Release and Program Managers at Oracle

38. Do you have any exposure to packaging and posting of maintenance?
39. Do you have any idea about configuration of release management tools?
40. Tell us about PeopleSoft applications.
41. How well are you acquainted with Oracle Agile?
42. Describe your Microsoft Excel skills.
43. Do you have any experience of working in customer support?
44. What kind of experience do you have in resource allocation and planning?
45. What do you understand by setting up of release definitions?

Interview questions for software Developers at Oracle

46. Describe your Java skills
47. Describe your knowledge about various software design patterns.
48. How would you implement an adapter?
49. Create a pseudo code for two rectangles and find out if they are intersecting in any corner.
50. Tell us about your past working experience.
Q51. Can files be read from PL/SQL?
Q52. How can the PL/SQL source code be protected?
Q53. How can the number of rows in a table be found?
Q54. What is the difference between DELETE and TRUNCATE?
Q55. What are the various uses of OCI?
Q56. Why should we use an index?
Q57. How can a data file be resized?
Q58. How can statistics be gathered on a table?
Q59.What kind of an index should be used on a fact table?
Q60. What are redo logs?
Q61. How can an index be rebuilt?
Q62. How can the current date be displayed in Oracle?
Q63. What do you understand by public and private procedure?

Q64. What is a foreign key constraint?
Q65. What do you know about rational database?
Q66. What do you understand by partial backup?
Q67. What is the function of COMMIT?
Q68. Why is a cluster used?
Q69. Which of the two is faster, EXISTS or IN?
Q70. Explain this error: ORA-01555.
Q71. After a database has been created, which tablespace gets created automatically?
Q72. How can free space in a tablespace be determined?
Q73. What is the procedure to increase copy latches?
Q74. What is the difference between an explicit and an implicit cursor?
Q75. How can Data Block size be defined?
Q76. What do you understand by the term private synonym?
Q77. Tell us what you know about the characteristics of datafiles.
Q76. What do you understand by the Oracle Rollback Segment?
Q78. What is netstat?
Q79. How can Oracle Software be installed on Unix?
Q80. Can an alert be attached to a field?
Q81. What do you understand by pseudo column?
Q82. What is the difference between a segment and an extent?
Q83. How are materialized views used?
Q84. What is Median Recovery?
Q85. What is the difference between restoring and recovery of the database?
Q86. How can we switch to a spfile from an init. ora file?
Q87. What command can be used for the creation of a backup control file?
Q88. How can the buffer cache hit ratio be increased?
Q89. What is the difference between PACKAGE and PROCEDURE?
Q89. How can a parent table be recreated without affecting the children tables?
Q99. What is the difference between actual and formal parameter?
Q100. Is there a difference between crash recovery and media recovery?
Q101. Images and graphics can be stored in which data type?
Q102. How can a datafile be added to a tablespace?
Q103. What are the various types of triggers?
Q104. What do you understand by Oracle sequence?
Q105. What is the function of rollback?
Q106.How keen are you on gaining new ideas?
Q107. What do you understand by the term transaction?

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