Interview Questions on Oracle Database Security

Q1.What is database vault? What are its features?
Q2.How can security be enforced with the use of stored procedures?
Q3.What do you mean by a trace file? Explain how it is created in detail.
Q4.How can you store passwords in database?
Q5.What is parameter file (init.ora)? State the minimum parameters that should exist there.
Q6.What do you mean by a database security profile?
Q7.What do you mean by user Account in Oracle?
Q8.What do you mean by Tablespace Quota?
Q9.Explain object auditing and statement auditing.
Q10.Explain the roles of a Database Administrator in detail.
Q11.What is Privilege Auditing?
Q12.What do you mean by Roles? Explain in detail how they can be implemented.
Q13.What is analyze command? What is its function?
Q14.How is it possible to ensure that database is secured?
Q15.Explain a System Privilege.
Q16.Explain the different levels of Auditing in detail.
Q17.Name the dictionary tables which are used to monitor database spaces.
Q18.What do you mean by data validation?
Q19.What is the purpose of securing a database?
Q20.What is automatic archiving? How can it be enabled?
Q21.Explain the steps for creating a password authentication file in detail.
Q22.How is it possible to secure data in local network?
Q23.Which system resources can a Profile control?
Q24.Name the database administrator’s utilities.
Q25.What do you mean by replication? What are its advantages?
Q26.Explain the process by which you can specify the Archive log destination and its file name format.
Q27.Explain the steps to switch the archiving mode of a database between Archive Log and No Archive Log.
Q28.License_Max_Sessions--- what do you mean by this?
Q29.What do you mean by Any Privilege?
Q30.Which user accounts are automatically created with the database?
Q31.DBA_DATA_FILES--- what do you mean by this?
Q32.What do you mean by SQL Statement Processing? Which are steps involved in this process?

Q33.In listener.Ora how do you set a password?
Q34.State the scope of database security.
Q35.Which roles are automatically created with the database?
Q36.What do you mean by lock granularity?
Q37.State the advantages of filled groups.
Q38.What are hot backups? What are cold backups?
Q39.How is possible to secure the database which is openly accessible on the internet?
Q40.What do you mean by DBA_Segments?
Q41.What kind of experience do you have in data warehousing and database maintenance?
Q42.Describe your Oracle Architecture skills.
Q43.Rate your interpersonal or customer handling skills.
Q44.Describe your Shell Scripting skills. Rate your Unix/Linux skills.
Q45.What do you know about CPU patching? What can you tell us about OEM-GRID?
Q46.How would you like to describe your communication skills- both oral and written?
Q47.Share your knowledge about DB recovery.
Q48.How would you contribute towards implementing company policies if we hire you?
Q49.Are you a team player?
Q50.Tell us about your concepts of the different OS levels.

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