Interview Questions on Oracle Forms 3.0

Q1.What is a Trigger? Explain its different types. What is Pre-Query Trigger?
Q2.SQL*Forms—what does it mean?
Q3.What do you mean by User Exits? State its function.
Q4.How is it possible to execute user defined triggers?
Q5.What do you mean by package procedure? Which one of these is used for calling another form?
Q6.What can be the maximum size of a form?
Q7.Is it possible for two pop up pages to appear on the screen at the same time?
Q8.State the difference between Copy and Name_In.
Q9.What can you tell us about a Navigational Trigger?
Q10.What is the importance of Page 0 in 3.0? How can errors be trapped in 3.0?
Q11.What is Erase package procedure? State its function in detail.
Q12.List the types of Pop-Up windows.
Q13.What is a Post Change Trigger? How is it different from a Post Field Trigger?
Q14.State whether the following statement is true or false--- Exit_Form is not a restricted package procedure.
Q15.In form 3.0, is it possible to create 2 blocks with the same name?
Q16.What is a Synchronize procedure? What is its function?
Q17.Tell us something about Interface Event trigger.
Q18.Which type of value is recorded in system.last_record variable--- Charater, Number or Boolean?
Q19.Is it possible to apply Go-Block package in a pre-field trigger?
Q20.How many times does a Post-Query Trigger fire?
Q21.What do you understand by a page?
Q22.When does an on-clear-block Trigger fire?
Q23.Tell us something about On-Update Triggers.
Q24.What can you tell us about any Oracle based interactive application?
Q25.Say something about Key-startup.
Q26.What is an Enter package procedure? State its function in detail.
Q27.What do you mean by “locking a row”?

Q28.Name the package procedure which can be used for invoking sql*plus from sql*forms.
Q29.What are the system variables related to Block and Field available?
Q30.What will happen if an operator presses a key explicitly?
Q31.State whether the following statement is true or false--- If a page is deleted, then information about all the fields in the particular page is not lost.
Q32.Say something about Key-NextFld.
Q33.Consider a situation when a form is running in Debug mode and you wish to scrutinize the values of global variables, which procedure command can be used for the trigger text in that case?
Q34.What do you mean by a Committed Block?
Q35.Do you need to specify the joint condition when the master relationship between two blocks is specified?
Q36.What do you mean by pre-form? How is it different from keystartup?
Q37.Tell us something about Message handling Trigger.
Q38.How many pages can a single form accommodate?
Q39.What is the terminal screen?
Q40.What is the function of On-Error Triggers?

Interview Questions for Oracle Forms Developers

Q41. What can you tell us about your experience of working with Oracle 10g?
Q42. Share your SQL*Plus skills with us.
Q43. Do you have any experience of working with Oracle 11g?
Q44. Share your knowledge of Triggers.
Q45. Describe your presentation skills.
Q46. How comfortable would you be working in master/detail forms?
Q47. What kind of experience do you have in Oracle Developer Suite?
Q48. Describe your PL/SQL skills.
Q49. Rate your communication skills.
Q50. What kind of database skills do you possess?

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