Interview Questions on Oracle Forms 4.0

Q1.What do you mean by a library in Oracle Forms 4.0?
Q2.What is a Check Box?
Q3.Which built-in are you going to avail while altering properties of windows dynamically?
Q4.State whether the following statement is True or False:
System.effective_date is a system variable which is read only.
Q5. What do you mean by a Layout Editor?
Q6. What are the menu items of Oracle forms 4.0? Describe them in detail. Also tell us about the editors found here.
Q7. What do you mean by a Radio Group? Name the triggers associated with it.
Q8. Is it possible to change the default value of the radio button at runtime?
Q9. Can you tell us anything about a modal window?
Q10.Which system variables can be found in Oracle forms 4.0 but are not there in 3.0?
Q11. What is a canvas view? Explain this in detail.
Q12. Can you tell us about some of the Interface items?
Q13. What do you mean by a display item?
Q14. Which predefined exception is found in Oracle forms 4.0?
Q15. What is a Window?
Q16. What is a stacked view? How is it different from the base view?
Q17. Is it possible for me to change the color of the push button during run time?
Q18. Can you make a root window modal?
Q19. Which built-in would you avail to show LOV during runtime?
Q20. What are visual attribute settings? State all its types.
Q21. What do you mean by a Navigable item?
Q22. How is it possible to trace errors in Oracle forms 4.0? Explain the process in detail.
Q23. Create_parameter_list--- can you tell us anything about it?
Q24. State the different types of Windows.
Q25. Can you tell us the abbreviations of the following file extensions?
a) MMB
b) PLL
c) FMB
Q26. Which built-in will you use to count the number of rows in a group?
Q27. What are the various kinds of canvas views?
Q28. What are the types of modules?
Q29.What are blocks in forms 4.0?
Q30. Name the triggers related to a check box.
Q31. What is an Alert?
Q32. Can you tell us anything about a multi-column selection list?
Q33. Can an Lov be attached to a field at design time?
Q34. How is it possible to display around 200 fields on the screen in forms?
Q35. What is a list item?
Q36. What do you mean by a record group?
Q37. State the maximum number of radio buttons that can be assigned to a single radio group.
Q38. Name the built-in function availed for finding the alert.
Q39. How can you manipulate images in image_item? You only need to state some of the built-in routines here.
Q40. List the display styles of an alert.

Interview Questions for PL/SQL Developers

Q41. What kind of Bulk Collect skills do you have?
Q42. Do you have the required exposure to Oracle 10g and 11g?
Q43. Share your CLOB knowledge with us. What do you know about NLS?
Q44. What kind of experience do you have of working with Toad?
Q45. Describe your REF Cursor skills.
Q46. How adept are you at working with triggers?
Q47. What do you know about Nested Tables?
Q48. Can you tell us anything about LINQ?
Q49. What kind of experience do you have in working with packages?
Q50. What do you know about Toad Data Modeler?

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