Interview Questions of PeopleSoft

SQR and Workflow Questions

Q1.Tell us about the different error handling techniques in SQR.
Q2.What do you mean by pooled workflow? State the function which is used for triggering a workflow
Q3.What are the global variables of SQR? What are the local variables of SQR? Explain both of them in detail.
Q4.How will you mark a worklist as marked?
Q5.State the difference between input and ask.
Q6.What do you mean by Worklist field mapping?

Peoplesoft Technical interview questions

Q7. Tell us something about Application Engine.
Q8. State the uses of secondary page or sub page.
Q9. What are temporary records? What are state records? Differentiate between these two.
Q10. Tell us whether People Tools 8.1x and 8.4 application servers can run on the same machine or not.
Q11. What can you tell us about a current query?
Q12. State the difference between CREATESQL and SQLEXEC.
Q13. What can you tell us about Unshift? What is Push?
Q14. State the difference between Find and Get methods.
Q15. Explain a component interface in detail.
Q16. State the function of PopUp Menu. Describe the other Menus as well.
Q17. %UpdateStats--- what does it signify?
Q18. What can you tell us about an Application Designer?
Q19. Tell us in detail about Properties and collections.
Q20. What is the outcome when a search record for a component is not specified?

Peoplesoft functional interview questions

Q21. Choose the three types of effective dated rows from the following options:
a) Past, Present, Future
b) Past, Current, Future
c) History, Current, Future
d) History, Present, Future
Q22. Suppose you want to view the whole job history of an employee—which action type would you use?
Q23. Tell us something about a Manager ID
Q24. What is a Message catalog?
Q25. State whether the following statement is True of False:
Data can be stored by a view.
Q26. State whether the following statement is True or False:
In order to use row level security you have to create a security tree for all the SetIDs in the HRMS system.
Q27.Can you tell us something about a Translate table value?
Q28. Choose the table which is required for defining different entities of business for EEO reporting:
a) Job Code Table
b) Establishment Table
c) Location table
d) Company table
e) Department Table
Q29. Can you tell us anything about a PayLine table?
Q30. Describe payroll processing in six steps.
Q31. Can you tell us about a new employee hire process in six steps?
Q32. What do you mean by Network Security?
Q33. What do you know about Primary Permission List Preferences?
Q34. What are the uses of paysheets?
Q35. What can you tell us about a Node?

Peoplesoft financials interview questions

Q36. In PeopleSoft Financial what are the business processes in Billing module?
Q37. What do you know about Voucher Staging tables?

Q38. Is it true that a page can be deleted in PeopleSoft online?
Q39. State the most common payment methods supported by PeopleSoft.
Q40. State the most used tables in Account Receivables of PeopleSoft.
Q41. PS_VCHR_HDR_STG---- what do you mean by this?
Q42. Tell us briefly about a Voucher Origin.
Q43. Accounts Payable—what are the main business processes here?
Q44. PS_VOUCHER_LINE--- can you tell us what it means?
Q45. State the most common business processes in Account Receivables of PeopleSoft.
Q46. Can you tell us anything about a Giro-Manual?
Q47. What is a manual check?
Q48. PS_VCHR_DIST_STG--- what is it?
Q49. Do you have an idea of what a PeopleSoft Financial Gateway is?
Q50. What can you tell us about a payment post?

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