Interview questions for Pharmacist

Q1.What do you think are the greatest attributes of pharmacists?
Q2.If your ex boss were present here how do you think he would have rated you as an employee?
Q3.Do you think that you are adept in identifying drug seeking behavior?
Q4.Do you think that you are working on your professional weaknesses?
Q5.How would you rate yourself as a team player?
Q6. Tell us about your biggest strengths as a pharmacist. Do you think there is any room for further improvement?
Q7.Can you think of any misconception that people have about you? If yes, tell us how you have tried to clear the air?
Q8.Why did you leave your last job?
Q9.Tell us about the moment when you decided to take up pharmacy as a career?
Q10.How would you deal with a situation when you are absolutely unable to read a prescription?
Q11. Would you be comfortable in relocating?
Q12.How comfortable would you be in driving to several locations for your work?
Q13.What do you think is your greatest achievement till date?
Q14.How would you deal with an irate customer?
Q15.Tell us honestly, do you really think that you are a responsible employee?
Q16.What according to you is the biggest positive impact of pharmacy?
Q17.How well do you think you can manage publication of information?
Q18.Which drug do you relate yourself to?
Q19.When can you say that a person has delivered excellent customer service as a pharmacist?
Q20.What do you think of rotation practices in your job? Are you pleased with it? Give reasons for your answers.
Q21.What kind of a person would be considered a successful businessman and pharmacist by you? Have you ever been able to combine your entrepreneurship and pharmacy skills?
Q22.Tell us about your favorite subjects while studying Pharma D.
Q23.Tell us about the biggest challenges faced by pharmacists around the globe today.
Q24.Why do you want to pursue a career in pharmacy?
Q25.Please describe the team or teams you had worked with previously.
Q26.How good are you with different Computer applications?
Q27.How would you react to a situation when a customer expresses extreme happiness or satisfaction with your service?
Q28.How important do you think is quality analysis in your profession? How do you think you will contribute towards quality analysis as a pharmacist?
Q29.Tell me how you planned your career after making the decision that you want to be a pharmacist?
Q30.How would you justify the salary we are offering for the post?

Q31.What according to you is the future of pharmacy?
Q32.Why do you want to work with us?
Q33.Tell us about your previous job responsibilities in detail.
Q34.Tell us something about effective drug management.
Q35.How good are you at maintaining patient records?
Q36.What do you know about our company?
Q37.Technical Interview Questions for Pharmacists
Q38.Name the largest organ in the human body.
Q39.State the difference between vapor pressure and vacuum pressure.
Q40.State the primary medication for a patient whose sugar level has fallen.
Q41.What does end capping mean?
Q42.State the limit of LOQ.
Q43.How would you respond to a situation when you find that two of the drugs that you are recommending to a patient have chances of interaction?
Q44.Can you tell me the reason behind using only Naphalene in calibration of HPLC?
Q45.Tell us the process by which quantitative stability is done.
Q46.Tell us about the different methods of record keeping.
Q47.What do you understand by stationery phase?
Q48.Define or tell us about capacity factor.
Q49.What is wavelength of polarimeter lamp?
Q50.What do you mean by process validation?

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