Interview Questions for Process Engineering

Q1.How can you draw reynold's equation?
Q2.What do you mean by unit operations? What is unit process? State how you would like to differentiate between the two.
Q3.State the ways by which you would differentiate between mass balance and material balance.
Q4.What is pseudo pressure?
Q5.Tell us what you know about a Rotameter? Do you know how to calibrate it?
Q6.What happens to the freezing point of water when salt is added?
Q7.Keeping all the parameters perfectly constant tell us how much time is needed for 20,000 l of water to cool from 80 to 30 degree Celsius?
Q8.Clearly state the difference between fractionation and distillation. State the differences in detail by giving description of each one of them.
Q9.Name the first atomic scientist in India
Q10.State the minimum value for fluidization.
Q11.What are your views about commercial software for protein design?
Q12.What is control valve? What is zeroth flow?
Q13.State the difference between cooling tower and heat exchanger.
Q14.What do you know about crystal surface identification?
Q15.Please share your knowledge on protein purification. Can you tell us about the different techniques employed here?
Q16.State how cathodic protection works in Turbine condensers.
Q17.Tell us what you know about a reciprocating pump? Based on workings, how would you differentiate between a reciprocating and a centrifugal pump?
Q18.State the difference between flush distillation and batch distillation.
Q19.Tell us something about floudas.
Q20.State the role played by id fan in furnace.
Q21.What can you tell us about antibody designing?
Q22.State the difference between vertical heat exchanger and horizontal heat exchanger.
Q23.State the third law of Thermodynamics.
Q24.What do you mean by micro pollutants? How is it different from micro organisms?
Q25.Can you state the reason behind the usage of flaring in crude oil industry?
Q26.Can you tell us anything about pilot tube?
Q27.What is valency?
Q28.Can you tell us anything about the piping industry?
Q29.Tell us about the basic functions of process engineering.
Q30.What is crystallization?

Manufacturing Process Engineering Interview Questions

Q31.How are you going to approach the manufacturing of a pencil? Name the substances to be used here.

Q32.Tell us about the different computer modelling techniques in detail.
Q33.State Newton's third law of motion.
Q34.If given a chance how would you like to maximize operational effectiveness?
Q35.Please share your knowledge of different computer languages.
Q36.Rate your analytical skill.
Q37.Rate your reasoning skills.
Q38.State the unit of Power.
Q39.Given a situation when an old and useful equipment requires exorbitant maintenance- additionally it requires expensive repair- what would you do?
Q40.Say how you would like to describe the current scenario of the manufacturing industry. Tell us about the challenges faced by the industry at present.

Possible Interview Questions for a Process Design Engineer

Q41.What do you know aboutPNIDs hazop?
Q42.Rate your co ordination skills.
Q43.How good are you at preparing optimization reports?
Q44.How good are you at handling process simulations?
Q45.Tell us about your experience with control systems.
Q46.What do you know about FEED?
Q47.What kind of equipment packages are you familiar with?
Q48.What do you know about operating & control philosophy?
Q49.What do you understand by safety reviews?
Q50.Tell us briefly about your design background.

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