Interview questions for Psychologist

The job of a psychologist is quite a rewarding one. But unfortunately because of the tough competition in the job market, some deserving candidates miss out on their chances of getting the job they want. However, some preparation in the right direction can help you improve your chances. You can say getting a job is a lot about luck; but the fact that you have a scheduled interview, says that you are definitely among the lucky ones. Now all you have to do, is give it your best shot and you might just be the one, who walks back home with the job.

So, letís begin your preparation with some interview questions that are commonly asked for psychologist job interviews.

Interview questions for psychologists:
Q1.Tell us about yourself.
Q2.Explain how you would make a good psychologist.
Q3.Why did you choose psychology as your subject?
Q4.What are your educational qualifications?
Q5.What certifications have you done?
Q6.Tell us about your professional qualifications?
Q7.How long have you been working as a psychologist?
Q8.What are your present job responsibilities?
Q9.Tell us about a difficult situation you faced in your job? How did you contribute to solve the situation? Did it help?
Q10.Have you ever been asked to resign from a position?
Q11.What are your strengths?
Q12.What are your weaknesses?
Q13.In what areas do you consider you would need some improvements?
Q14.Do you plan to study further? If yes, when do you plan to start?
Q15.Tell us what did you learn during your internship?
Q16.Tell us about the theoretical orientations you support?
Q17.Are there any psychological organizations that you are or you would like to be a part of? Name the organizations and why?
Q18.As a psychologist what are your career goals?
Q19.Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line?
Q20.What kind of researches are you interested in, as a psychologists?
Q21.Why do you want to quit the present organization you are working for?
Q22.What do you know about our organization?
Q23.Why do you want to work with us?

Q24.Tell us how you would prove to be an asset for this company?
Q25.What are your professional achievements?
Q26.What kind of reputation do you hold with your co-workers and seniors?
Q27.Are there other jobs you have applied for?
Q28.How and when would you consider yourself professionally successful?
Q29.Say if you were the interviewer today, what attributes would you be looking for in the person you hire?
Q30.If we hire you, how long do you see yourself working for us?
Q31.What work ethics do you believe in and follow?
Q32.What has been your biggest achievement in life?
Q33.What was your biggest failure and how did you deal with it?
Q34.Do you consider yourself to be a team player?
Q35.Give us reasons why we should hire you?
Q36.What kind of job responsibilities are you expecting to get in this job?
Q37.If we hire, you how soon do you think you would be able to join us?
Q38.Is there in preference of location?
Q39.What kind of pay package are you expecting to get?
Q40.Do you have any questions for us?

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