Interview questions for Quality Auditor

Q1.Tell us about the top three skills that must be possessed by a quality auditor.
Q2.What do you think are your biggest weaknesses? Do you think you are well on your way in overcoming each of your weaknesses?
Q3.Why do you want to work with us?
Q4.Why should we hire you?
Q5.Share your views about the quality assurance industry.
Q6.Why did you quit your last company?
Q7.How would you measure your job performance as a quality auditor?
Q8.What do you think are your biggest strengths?
Q9.Tell us about the latest skills you have developed as a Quality Auditor.
Q10.Where would you like to see yourself in the next five years?
Q11.Please tell us about your previous job responsibilities as a Quality Auditor. Please be as detailed as possible here.
Q12.Tell us about your 3 year goals.
Q13.Tell us about the tertiary qualifications attained by you in your way of becoming a Quality Auditor.
Q14.What do you think will be your key tasks as a Quality Auditor if we hire you?
Q15.What can you tell us about the major trends in the quality auditing field?
Q16.What do you know about our company?
Q17.Tell us about your biggest professional achievement till date.
Q18.Was there ever a moment in your career when you thought that you had failed as a professional? If yes how did you overcome it?
Q19.How do you plan to work on your present strengths?
Q20.How important do you think is quality assurance for a company?
Q21.What made you choose this career?
Q22.Rate your problem solving skills.
Q23.Do you think that the present ways of quality auditing should undergo some changes?
Q24.According to you what are the pros and cons of being a quality auditor?
Q25.Tell us what you have learnt from your previous jobs.
Q26.Can you tell us about a recurrent problem that you keep on facing while carrying out your professional duty? What is the way of resolving the same?
Q27.Why do you want to relocate from your home town?
Q28.áRate yourself as a team player.
Q29.What do you have to tell us about your communication skills?
Q30.Was there ever a time when you had to reach a conclusion without sufficient information?
Q31.Describe your leadership qualities.
Q32.How did you go along with colleagues who were not a part of your team?
Q33.Which Quality Auditing techniques are you aware of?

Q34.How important is the planning for you?
Q35.Tell us about your problem solving abilities.
Q36.Do you think you are considerably good at involving people in auditing?
Q37.Tell us about the way in which you ensure that every little detail is taken care of while carrying out corrective measures.
Q38.What can you tell us about a vernier caliper Ic? What do you know about relevant measurement?
Q39.Can you state the scientific reason behind the popularity of Taj Mahal
Q40.What is vouching?
Q41.Explain a statutory audit in detail.
Q42.Tell us about positive testing.
Q43.What should be done after an audit?
Q44.What is meant by internal quality audit? Tell us in detail by stating what happens in internal quality audit and the different methods employed to carry out the same. State the difference between external and internal auditing.
Q45.What do you know about Database Testing?
Q46.Explain an entire audit process in detail.
Q47.Can you tell us about QA milestones?
Q48.What is the aim of carrying out an internal audit?
Q49.Explain a quality audit.
Q50.Can you tell us anything about metric collection?

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