Interview Questions for Radisson

Here is a list of the common interview questions asked in Radisson:

Q1.Tell us something that we do not know about you.
Q2.How would you describe Radisson?
Q3.Give us five reasons why you want to work in the hotel industry.
Q4.Tell us about your prior experiences in the hospitality industry.
Q5.What is your salary expectations?
Q6.Why do you want to join Radisson?
Q7.Have you applied to any other hotel?
Q8.What are the reasons that set Radisson apart from other luxury hotels?
Q9.Tell us about the complications you have had working in the hospitality industry.
Q10.What did you learn from your previous job experience?
Q11.What do you do if you do not get along with your supervisor?
Q12.How will you handle a drunk guest in the hotel?
Q13.Explain what you would do if a guest makes inappropriate demands.
Q14.What is more important: being friendly with guests or being courteous with them?
Q15.What would you do if you found out your colleague is not following hotel protocol?
Q16.What attracts you most about this job profile?
Q17.What do you think are the challenges in this job profile?
Q18.Tell us about your weaknesses.
Q19.Give us an example of the time when you had to handle a lot of pressure.
Q20.What expectations do you think guests have when they stay at Radisson?
Q21.Are you ready to take a drug test?
Q22.As an employee at Radisson, what can the guests expect from you?
Q23.[For Restaurant Manager] How would you assess the success of a restaurant?
Q24.[For Bartender] Do you have a barman’s license?
Q25.[For Front Office Manager] What do you know about third party portals and budgeting? Tell us about your experiences with them.

Last Updated On:4/6/2013

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