Interview Questions for Railways Selection

Q1.Choose the correct option:
The state which is not going to benefit from the Sardar Sarovar Dam (answer the question keeping in mind that the state might get benefited indirectly): (a)Gujarat (b) Chattisgarh (c) Madhya Pradesh (d)Rajasthan
Q2. Can you remember the year when the “Palace On Wheels” was inaugurated--- 1965 or 1972 or 1882 or 1988?
Q3. What can you tell us about an Automatic Starter?
Q4. Where are the passenger bogies of Indian Railways manufactured--- (a) Bengaluru (b) Kapurthala (c) Perambur or (d) Chittranjan?
Q5. Thimpu is the capital of which country?
Q6. What do you think is a Broad Gauge?
Q7. Which of these can decrease anti-knocking--- N Heptane, or TEL, or Benzene or ISO Octane?
Q8. How many institutions are giving out suggestions on railway technology at present?
Q9. Who wrote "Anandmath"--- Bankim Chandra Chattopadhyay or Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay or Jyotiba Phule or Rabindranath Tagore?
Q10. By whom was railway engine invented?
Q11. Name the type of iron which is produced in blast furnace.
Q12. In which year was the first train of India started--- (a) 1856 (b) 1853 (c) 1851 (d) 1852
Q13. Is Potassium Chloride used in photography?
Q14. What is the full form of NEFR?
Q15. What causes powdery mildew in wheat?
Q16. How much distance did the first train of India cover--- (a) 34km (b)33km (c) 46 km (d) 36 km
Q17. “Single magnetic poles can exist”—is the statement true or false?
Q18. On which day was the North Eastern Frontier Railway established—(a) 15th January, 1955 (b) 14th April 1952 (c) 15th January, 1958 (d) 2nd January, 1956
Q19. “Like poles repel each other”—is the statement true or false?
Q20. In which city of India is the headquarters of South Railways situated--- (a) Mumbai (b)Chennai (c) Kolkata (d) Delhi
Q21. How many members are nominated to the Upper House of the Parliament--- (a) 20 (b) 12 (c) 15 (d) 10
Q22. Where is Diesel Locomotive Works situated?
Q23. On which of these factors does the buoyancy depend on --- (a) Weight of fluid (b) depth of fluid (c) volume of fluid (d) density of fluid?
Q24. In which year was the first Metro Railway started—(a) 1989 (b)1992 (c) 1982 (d) 1984
Q25. Where was the first Commonwealth Games held?
Q26. Who among these persons had received the Dada Saheb Phalke award—(a) Prithviraj Kapoor (b) B.N Sarkar (c) Kanan Devi (d) Devika Rani
Q27. Where was the Olympic Games of 2012 held? Name the city here.
Q28. In which year was Central Railway established—(a) 14th November 1951 (b) 16th August 1951 (c) 5th November 1951 (d) 14th April 1951
Q29. How many Railway training institutions are there in India?
Q30. Which of the following causes ignition in diesel engine—(a) Friction (b) Spark (c) Compression (d) Automatic starter
Q31. “Magnetic poles are always equal in strength”--- is the statement true or false?
Q32. In which year was Shatabdi Express started---- (a) 1985 (b)1984 (c) 1988 (d) 1990
Q33. Which of these is known as the “Forbidden City”—(a) Jerusalem (b) Lhasa (c) Aberdeen (d) Mecca
Q34.Saina Nehwal is associated with (a) Hockey (b) Tennis (c) Cricket (d) None of these
Q35. Which gauge would you use in hilly area--- (a) Special Gauge (b) Meter Gauge (c) Broad Gauge (d) Narrow Gauge
Q36. Where is Dilwara Temple situated?
Q37. How is a rift valley formed—(a) by Faulting (b) by Folding (c) by earthquake (d) by none of these?
Q38. Who was the Governor General of India when the railway lines were started here—Lord Kenning (b) Lord William Bentinck (c) Lord Cornwallis (d) Lord Dalhousie
Q39. State the structural and functional unit of kidneys
Q40.The Northern Railways headquarter is at --- (a) Gorakhpur (b) New Delhi (c) Mumbai (V.T) (d) Guwahati)
Q41. “Ebonite is an electric resistant”--- is the statement true or false?

Q42. Who is the “Nightingale of India”—(a) Vijaylaxmi Pandit (b) Asha Bhonsle (c) Kavita Krishnamurthy (d) Sarojini Naidu
Q43.Which is the largest national enterprise in India--- (a) Airways (b) Indian Railway (c) Indian Shipyard (d) None of them

Possible Interview Questions for Train Drivers

Q44. Tell us about a time when you had to deal with an emergency. What kind of emergency was it and how did you deal with it?
Q45. How do you plan to cope with fatigue once you are hired?
Q46. How would you deal with a fatal event?
Q47. How do you plan to cope with stress once you are hired?
Q48. How do you keep away your mind from distractions and concentrate on your job?
Q49. What are your views about doing repetitive task?
Q50. How do you keep yourself from getting bored?

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