Interview Questions and Answers for Reliance Communication

The company conducts a written test before an interview. It has two sections- each containing 75 and 50 questions respectively. Candidates who crack the written test are called for the technical interview round, passing of which, they are allowed to attend the HR interview.

Q1.Why do you want to join our company, knowing full well that it is not doing well presently?
Answer:You can say that you’re a sagacious person and that you always judge individuals and institutions on an overall basis and not just on the basis of their present state. Reiterate that all companies and business organizations have to go through the usual ups and downs. Stress that if RComm is not performing according to expectations as of now, it’ll certainly get back into the swing of things sooner or later and that RComm is an organization with a pedigree.

Q2.What do you have to tell us about your management style?
 Answer:Leaders and managers by virtue of their position are required to perform multifarious and multidisciplinary functions specifically for the attainment of organizational goals and for engaging with subordinates. Now, as a manager you’ll conform to any of the six broad styles of management-autocratic, democratic, persuasive, consultative, chaotic or laissez-faire. 

  Q3.Why should we hire you?
Answer:Frame an answer that’ll convince the interview board that you’re hardworking, professional, and goal oriented. These virtues will not only contribute towards accomplishing your career goals but also help promote the company’s short-term and long-term mission and vision.

Q4.How easy will it be for you to put the interests of the concern ahead of your own?
Answer:You may answer this question by saying that if an organization grows and develops, then the employees also prosper and vice versa

Q5.Tell us a little bit about your previous work experience.
Answer:Relate in brief about the experience you’ve garnered from your previous jobs stressing on the skills you’ve learned and the work ethics that you have imbibed.

Q6.Do you think you are duly aware of the market situation at present?
Answer:Just elucidate briefly about the general economic scenario prevailing in the country and the impact it is having on the different industrial and commercial sectors.

Q7. How would you like to contribute towards success of this company, if we hire you?
Answer:You may talk about how the completion of daily targets help meets bigger goal, and that is how you intend to move ahead. Suggest the group activities that’ll contribute towards the company’s development.

Q8.How would you react if I say that you are overqualified for this position?
Answer:Handle this question quite diplomatically (with due consideration to the fact that you’re overqualified for the position you’ve applied).

Q9.What is your ultimate goal in your career?
Answer:Though the answer will inevitably depend upon the profession area you specialize in, the stock answer generally is that you want to become the departmental head in a large MNC or establish your own venture.

Q10.How would you judge your success at this job?
Answer this by stating that you’d consider yourself to be successful if with your job and performance you can make yourself indispensable for the organization.

Q11.Do you think you are a good team player?
Answer:If you’re aspiring to advance in your career, you’ll invariably need to have the skills and the flexibility to work as a team member.

Q12.How do you propose to become an asset for the company?
Answer:You can answer this by stressing on the importance of being a team player apart from using the different soft skills such as interpersonal skills, communication skills, team building and development skills, etc.

Q13.Suppose you were in charge of hiring a person for this profile, what would you have looked for in a candidate then?
Answer:Apart from the requisite soft skills an attitude of professionalism and a passion to work for the organization. The candidate should not be an opportunistic and a job hopper but loyal to the organization, believing in company’s progress.

Q14.What are the recent products and services of this company in the market? What are the user reviews of them?
Answer:You can research on the net for getting an idea of the company’s products and services along with testimonials from the customers.

Q15.How good do you think are your communication skills?
Answer:You can safely reply that it is because of your well developed and sound communication skills that you’ve been able to come a long way in your career and have attained the qualifications to apply for the present job.

Q16.If I say that you do not have the required experience for the job, how would you propose to compensate for the lack?
Answer:You should demonstrate the zest and willingness to learn so that you can carry out the responsibilities associated with your job effectively.

Q17.Why do you want to leave your present job?
Answer:As my present job does not offer me with the opportunities for career advancement, I am looking forward to be selected for the position that I’ve applied for which I am confident will equip me with the skills and the requisite experience to attain the pinnacle in my area of specialization.

Q18.Can you rephrase your favorite film story for us?
Q19.Would you be comfortable if you are asked to relocate?
Q20.What do you think was the worst attribute of you previous company when it came to product marketing?
Q21.What can you tell us about the basic selling techniques?
Q22.What can you tell us about the current market position of Reliance?
Q23.Do you know anyone who works with our company at present?
Q24.Share your knowledge about basic networking with us.
Q25.Tell us a bit about your academic background.
Q26.Tell us about the mistakes in the past jobs and the things you learned from those mistakes.
Q27.What do you know about our company?
Q28.How are the Reliance products competing in the market today?
Q29.What really made you choose your line of career?
Q30.Are you a good trouble shooter?
Q31.What can you tell us about the telecom industry?
Q32.How much do you know about the profile you have applied for?

Specific Interview Questions and Answers at Reliance Communication

Q33.Can you tell us anything about CRT?
Q34.Tell us about the way in which you maintain your team and the sales track at the same time.
Q35.Tell us something about TCP/IP protocol.
Q36.What do you know about routers? What do you know about switches?
Q37.Tell us about the workings of a fiber optics in detail.
Q38.Why have you chosen sales as your career?
Q39.How can you differentiate between packet switching and circuit?
Q40.What do you know about an OSI layer?

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