Interview Questions for SAIL

General knowledge sample questions for SAIL interview:

Q1.For what category did Barak Obama get a Nobel Prize?
Q2.To which game Yuki Bambri is associated with?
Q3.For the year 2012 who is the awardee for Rajiv Khel Ratna?
Q4.What is the name of India- China partition line?
Q5.Name the capita of Lakshadweep?
Q6.Which amendment of Indian constitution reduced the biting age to 18 from 21?
Q7.Which article of Indian constitution made child labor a crime?
Q8.Which place held the last Commonwealth Games?
Q9.Which place in India did Vasco Da Gama first land?
Q10.In human body, which bone is considered to be the longest?
Q11.What is the work of SEBI?
Q12.Which year did Quit India Movement start?
Q13.Which year was RBI nationalized?
Q14.What countries constitute SAARC?
Q15.Who was the first women speaker of Loksabha?

Next, behavioral questions. Such questions help your interviewers understand you as a person. It is very important that you prepare well for these questions. Remember, your answers should be structured to convince your interviewers that your attitude and personality is the right fit for the job.

Some sample behavioral interview questions include:

Q1.How would you describe yourself?
Q2.What made you quit your last job?
Q3.What experience have you gathered in this field?
Q4.Where do you see yourself 5 years down the line?
Q5.Do you plan to study further?
Q6.What do you know about this company?
Q7.What are the steps you have taken to improve your knowledge in the previous year?
Q8.What are your interests?
Q9.Do you think you have been successful in your field?
Q10.What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Q11.How do you plan to overcome your weaknesses?
Q12.What impression do other people have about you?
Q13.Are there other jobs you are applying for?
Q14.Why are you interested in working for this company?
Q15.Is there anyone you know who works for this organization?
Q16.What salary are you expecting?
Q17.Do you consider yourself to be a team player?
Q18.What kind of co-curricular activities would you like to get involved in?
Q19.Which subject have you specialized in and why?
Q20.What would be your attitude towards this job?
Q21.Explain to us how you would prove to be an asset for our company?
Q22.Have you ever supervised a team in school/college/organization?
Q23.If your job involves travelling, would you be ok with that?
Q24.Explain your dream job
Q25.Tell us why should we recruit you?
Q26.Why have you applied for the given position?
Q27.What motivates you to perform better at work?
Q28.Do you consider yourself to be a fast learner?
Q29.What are you expecting from this job?
Q30.What kind of people you would never want to work with?
Q31.What do you give more importance to, work or money?
Q32.How do you treat failures? Do you give up or face it? Explain.

Q33.How well do you handle work pressure?
Q34.Are your skills competent for this job?
Q35.Will you be willing to work nights, weekends or overtime?
Q36.What would you try to achieve to consider yourself successful at this job?
Q37.If you are asked to be relocated, would you be okay with that?
Q38.Would you be willing to put the company's interest before your own?
Q39.What are your blind spots?
Q40.If you were the interviewer for this job, what kind of person would you hire?
Q41.Do you consider yourself overqualified of the given position?
Q42.How do you plan to make up for your lack of experience for this job?
Q43.What are the qualities you would like to see in your boss?
Q44.Has there been a situation in the past, where you helped resolving a difficult situation? If yes, how?
Q45.What role would you like to play in a team, working for a project?
Q46.What are your work ethics?
Q47.What has been your biggest achievement in life?
Q48.What has disappointed you the most in your educational/professional career?
Q49.Which city would you like to be posted at?
Q50.Are there any questions you would like to ask us?

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