Interview Questions for Sapient

Q1. Why do you want to join Sapient?
Q2. What do you understand by COM components?
Q3. How can the user interface be designed using VB?
Q4. Differentiate between late binding and early binding.
Q5. Differentiate between Active dll and Active exe.
Q6. How would you differentiate between a class and an object?
Q7. Would you be able to make a project plan right now?
Q8. How can the jboss log level be dynamically changed without having to restart it?
Q9. Tell us about the various design patterns that you have used in your project.
Q10. How is the MVC architecture different from struts?
Q11. How is a Manager different from a team lead?
Q12. Draw a class diagram using an appropriate data structure.
Q13. What according to you are the latest trends in the field of Information Technology?
Q14. How do you keep yourself updated with the latest developments in your field of expertise?
Q15. Why should Sapient hire you?
Q16. Why do you think you are the best candidate for this job?
Q17. Have you ever handled disputes as a team player?
Q18. What do you know about Sapient?
Q19. What do you understand by virtual class?
Q20. Will you be able to write a program to find the size of an empty class?

Q21. In C++, why does an array always begin with index zero?
Q22. What do you understand by the term “late binding”?
Q23. What is CDMA?
Q24. What do you know about SQL Tuning?
Q25. Would you be able to solve the eight queens’ problem graphically on a sheet of paper?
Q26. Define your responsibility as the member of a team.
Q27. Is reliability an architectural parameter?
Q28. What do you know about the architecture of struts?
Q29. Will you be able to design a project plan using Sprint planning?
Q30. What would you do if you were asked to convert a mail order inventory system into an online shopping cart?
Q31. How is a Consultant different from a Manager?
Q32. What do you understand by friend class?
Q33. How will you add value to Sapient?
Q34. In the context of .NET, what does the phrase “side by side execution” mean?
Q35. What do you understand by list interface?
Q36. What do you understand by “group by”?
Q37. Do you know what GregorianCalendar class is?
Q38. Differentiate between Awt and Swing.
Q39. What is Jakarta Struts Framework?
Q40. What do you understand by Set Interface?

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