Interview Questions for SBI clerk

If you are awaiting an SBI clerk interview, it is important that you prepare thoroughly, as the job is of high demand and you’ll be facing a tough competition. Understanding the situation, this write up is designed to help you with your preparation and improve your chances of getting the job.

How to prepare for SBI clerk interview?

Usually interview questions for SBI clerk jobs are pretty straight forward and basic in nature. However, a thorough preparation is very much required. Candidates should keep in mind that their preparation regime should be based on current affairs, their own CV, latest financial and banking developments and banking terms. Also, learning about State Bank of India is very important. The questions ‘what do you know about the organization?’ is a very common one and interviewers always look for a good answer for that particular questions.

Questions for SBI clerk interview:

Q1.Tell us something about your background.
Q2.What kind of work experience you have to be eligible for this job?
Q3.What are your educational qualifications?
Q4.What are your professional qualifications?
Q5.Why are you interested in pursuing a career in the banking sector?
Q6.Tell us about your positives and negatives?
Q7.What responsibilities are you expecting for this position?
Q8.Why would you like to work with State Bank of India?
Q9.Do you have anyone you know, working with us?
Q10.How would working as an SBI clerk enhance your career?
Q11.What are your responsibilities in your last job?
Q12.In case you are hired for this job, how long do you see yourself working with SBI?
Q13.What do you know about State Bank of India as an institution?
Q14.How did you learn about the job vacancy and interview?
Q15.What is your definition of a successful career?
Q16.Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?
Q17.What are your career goals?
Q18.What do you understand by balance sheet?
Q19.What do you understand by trail balance?
Q20.A company’s balance sheet can show its profits. Is this a true statement? Explain your answer.
Q21.What do you understand by repo rate?
Q22.What do you understand by bank rate?
Q23.What is the different between repo rate and bank rate?
Q24.What do you understand by SLR?
Q25.What do you mean by CRR?
Q26.Explain the difference between CRR and SLR.
Q27.Why is it important that in every bank a probationary officer has to verify all the transactions a clerk has entered?
Q28.How often do you visit banks?
Q29.What do you know about our prime competitors?
Q30.Do you see any difference in SBI products and services?
Q31.What do you understand by Reserve Repo Rates?
Q32.What does SLR mean for as non-banker?

Q33.What do you understand by banking business?
Q34.What do you understand by Accounting for Bank Accounts?
Q35.Tell us about some of the commercial roles of our bank.
Q36.Tell us about a bank’s economic functions.
Q37.Tell us some of the different banking channels one uses in his/her daily life.
Q38.Tell us about the different types of bank that are there in the market.
Q39.What kind of work ethics do you believe in?
Q40.According to you what are some of the characteristics a bank clerk should possess?
Q41.How many languages do you know?
Q42.You will have to work in a computerized environment. Do you think you will be comfortable with that?
Q43.Do you plan to pursue higher education in the near future?
Q44.Are you willing to work long hours when needed?
Q45.Do you have any preference of location to be posted at?
Q46.Have you ever faced a difficult situation at work, where your contribution was required for solving it? If yes, how did you contribute?
Q47.Tell us why do you believe yourself to be a right fit for the job?
Q48.If we need to relocate you in future, would you be willing?
Q49.It is possible that your work load is more than normal from time to time. Are you good at handling work pressure?
Q50.Do you have any queries that we can answer?

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