Interview Questions about Scenarios

Q1.How would you deal with a colleague who is really irritable and resorts to unsavory behavior at the drop off a hat?
Q2.Tell me how you would deal with a situation when a customer is really angry over the phone.
Q3.How would you deal with a situation when you see two of your seniors are disagreeing with each other on an important aspect of an assignment? Would you interfere? Give reasons for your answer.
Q4.While working on an assignment you know that you have better suggestions than your boss. Would you chip in or stay quiet?
Q5.What will you do when you are assigned with a task about which you don’t have clear instructions?
Q6.If you have to criticize your junior about something, how would you go about it?
Q7.How would you deal with a situation when your colleague is getting all the accolades for the job done by you?
Q8.Suppose there is a situation when you are staying back at your workplace for longer hours to ensure quality work for a particular project. You know that staying back will only help this project. But in the process there will be considerable increase in the costing of your office. What will you do in such a situation?
Q9.What will you do if you feel that it is becoming increasingly difficult for you adjust to the rapidly changing scenario in your organization?
Q10.How will you deal with a situation when you are being criticized for the mistakes committed by your colleague?
Q11.Suppose you have made a mistake in your work and your colleagues and boss are yet to know about it. The mistake can harm your project dearly. But it will be very time-consuming to rectify the mistake. What will you do?
Q12.How would you deal with an uncooperative teammate?
Q13.How would you deal with a hyper-sensitive boss?
Q14.If your previous boss were present here what would he say about your problem solving abilities?
Q15.What would your ex colleagues have to say about you?
Q16.Will you ever correct your senior if you see that he/she is making a mistake?
Q17.Your teammate is going through extreme stress due to personal reasons owing to which he/she cannot concentrate on work properly, but the present task at hand needs his/her expertise. How will you motivate your teammate?
Q18.What will you do if you are given the responsibility to lead a project about which you don’t have much idea? Please answer your question keeping in mind that you have been made the project lead because of your experience in the organization.
Q19.How will you deal with an arrogant junior?
Q20.How will you react if you see that one of your teammates has developed cold feet during a team presentation?
Q21.How will you deal with a manager who always criticizes your work even when you know that you are not at fault?
Q22.How will you react to a situation when you see that your teammate and you have clearly different opinions on a project and this conflict is hurting the interests of the organization?
Q23.The animosity between two of your colleagues is affecting the overall friendly environment at your workplace, though it’s not harming work in particular--- would you step in to resolve issues or will leave it as it is?
Q24.How will you react when you feel that one of your colleagues has walked away with a project which you clearly deserved?
Q25.How would you feel when you see that the scope of growth in your present organization is much less than that of your previous organization—but the projects your company is dealing with require your expertise and experience?
Q26.Would you be comfortable if your boss or senior criticizes you in front of others?
Q27.How would you feel if your boss constantly praises only your work in front of your teammate, who is also a good friend?
Q28.How would you react if your teammates say that you have failed as a team player?
Q29.How would you react when you see that one of your colleague’s ways of handling a customer is not proper? Please answer this question keeping in mind that the colleague in question is not involved in the project handled by you.
Q30.How would you react when your boss is always asking you to convey your teammate’s mistakes to him—would you be comfortable in repeatedly going to your teammate and pointing out his mistakes or after a point of time you will politely request your boss to convey his grievances as he is the one to point out the mistakes?
Q31.How would you react if you have been asked to work under someone who had been your junior in your previous organization?
Q32.How will you deal with a situation where you see that your once-sincere teammate is shirking responsibilities at present?
Q33.How will you deal with a situation where you see that your manager is unintentionally overlooking the mistakes of your teammate, which is going to hurt the project in the long run?
Q34.How will you deal with talkative colleagues?
Q35.How will you deal with a teammate who is constantly complaining about unequal distribution of work but is too shy to convey his grievances to the manager?
Q36.How will you deal with a customer who is making unfair demands?

Q37.How will you deal with a situation when you are stuck with deadlines and also have a very important training to attend?
Q38.How will you deal with inattentiveness at workplace?
Q39.How will you react to a situation when one of your seniors confides in you that he/she is not respected by other juniors?
Q40. How will you deal with a team which frequently remains absent from important meet-ups, trainings, meetings etc at the excuse of meeting deadlines?
Q41.What would be your suggestions of improving sales when the company is not in a position to employ sufficient resources for the same?
Q42. As a Social Media manager how do you intend to promote a product without a very good content?
Q43. As a field executive how would you deal with a needy employee who has developed health issues and cannot go out to work in extremely warm conditions?
Q44. As a Content Head what would you do when one of your most efficient and fastest writers is absent on a day when you have many pages to deliver without compromising on the quality?
Q45. As an IT expert what do you think should be done when your head has asked for more than three or four years’ data transfer?
Q46. As a zonal manager of a research company what do you think should be done when the employees are unable to conduct field researches owing to frequent riots in the concerned areas?
Q47. As an editor how would you react to situation when you see that a current problem has assumed national importance and should be written about, but might not be in the best interests of the news portal you are working for?
Q48. As a software developer what would you do if you find yourself completely incapable of anticipating user behavior?
Q49. How would you deal with a bug in a machine?
Q50. How do you plan to deal with frequent quality assurance issues?

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