Interview Questions on Java Servlet

General Servlet Interview Questions

Q1.What is a Servlet? What are the different types of Servlet? What are its uses?
Q2.How can deadlock condition be created on Servlet?
Q3.What do you know about the life cycle of servlet? Explain its phases in detail.
Q4.What do you mean by preinitialization of the servlet?
Q5.What is GenericServlet? What is HttpServlet? State the difference between these two. Explain why HttpServlet is called abstract.
Q6.What do you know about servlet collaboration?
Q7.How can Post and Get protocols be supported from the same servlet?
Q8.State the difference between all these:
a.HTML Escaping
b.URL Encoding
c.Entity Encoding and
d.URL Rewriting.
Q9. Explain the difference between doPost() and doGet(). How can you implement these methods?
Q10. Explain the methods by which the servlet is loaded and unloaded.
Q11. What is Single Thread Model? Why is it used in servlet?
Q12. What is JSP? How is it different from servlet?
Q13. State the difference between filter and servlet.
Q14. Why would you say that servlet is more advantageous than CGI?
Q15. Mention the types of protocols supported by Httpservlet. Why is it used in programming?
Q16. How can you place servlet within a package? Explain the process in steps.
Q17. Explain the Servlet interface in detail.
Q18. Mention the names of the objects that are included while a servlet gets a call from client.
Q19. State the difference between ServletContext and ServletConfig.
Q20. Explain session tracking. State its types and explain why it is needed in web application.
Q21. What do you mean by Http Tunneling?
Q22. Is it possible for a servlet to have a constructor?
Q23. How can cookies be used to store session state on the client?
Q24. How can servlet on server and client side be refreshed automatically?
Q25. State the difference between sendRedirect() and forward() methods
Q26. How can errors in servlet be rectified during compilation?
Q27. Explain the different methods that a generic servlet involves.
Q28. What is init method? Why do we need a constructor in a servlet while using this method?
Q29. Explain .
Q30. Is it possible to get information about one servlet context from another servlet?

Q31. Explain a deployment descriptor.
Q32. What is a WAR file? Explain the directory structure here.
Q33. What do you know about processing in Http servlets? Explain the key methods involved in this process.
Q34. Tell us in detail about a directory structure in web application.
Q35. How can you use target URLs in servlets?
Q36. What is destroy () method?
Q37. Tell us something about SSL sessions and Cookies.
Q38. What is Javabean? How is it different from a servlet?
Q39. Tell us about the latest features of Servlet 2.5.
Q40. Tell us something about session(True) methods.

Interview Questions for Java Servlet Software Engineer

Q41. What kind of knowledge do you have in MYSQL?
Q42. How would you rate your oral and written communication skills?
Q43. Do you have any knowledge of Windows Metro platform (C#)?
Q44. Do you have any experience in Blackberry 10 platform (C++)?
Q45. Describe your .Net skills
Q46. Describe your experience of working with Java in Blackberry 5, 6 and 7 platforms.
Q47. What can you tell us about JIRA?
Q48. Describe your HTML/CSS skills
Q49. Describe your creative capabilities.
Q50. Say something about Android.

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