Interview Questions Shoppers Stop

Shoppers Stop is one of the leading outlets offering a huge collection of apparels, accessories, footwear, décor products and jewellery. It is a well known destination for the top brands for both men and women, with merchandise collection keeping in mind the latest trend and style. Owing to greater customer satisfaction and high quality products, Shoppers Stop has become a popular chain of stores in India. The entire collection is assorted in a manner to complement the lifestyle of the upper middle class & rich, making for an equisite shopping experience.

As Shoppers Stop is a reputed store therefore its selection criteria for hiring the professionals is also strict. The hiring process consists of several rounds and its successful completion leads to the selection of the candidate. The first round is the aptitude followed by the group discussion round, next is the psychometric and last is the personal interview. After every round, the candidates will be shortlisted on the basis of their performance and finally only a few will reach to the last round.

Interview Questions Shoppers Stop

Though it is difficult to predict what can be asked during an interview but still prior preparation helps a lot in answering the questions with confidence. Here are some of the questions that can be asked in the interview and will prove helpful in your selection.

1)   How do you place Shoppers Stop as a brand?
2)   Why do you wish to join Shoppers Stop?
3)   What are your aspirations of the fashion industry?
4)   Why should Shoppers Stop hire you?
5)   How do you propose to compensate for your lack of experience?
6)   Who are the current competitors of Shoppers Stop?
7)   How can your past experience be useful in this industry?
8)   Where do you see yourself after five years?
9)   What are the basic qualities to impress a customer?
10)  How can you convince any customer?
11)  What do you mean by retail?
12)  Why did you choose the fashion industry as a career?
13)  What are the current trends in the retail sector?
14)  Why do you want to take marketing as your career?
15)  Why you wish to switch to this industry?
16)  Do you know anyone working in Shoppers Stop?
17)  How is your experience as the customer of Shoppers Stop?
18)  How you will describe the corporate culture in three words?
19)  What you love about Shoppers Stop?
20)  Where are different chains of Shoppers stopping Located?

21)  You may be asked about the foundation of Shoppers Stop?
22) What do you know about the loyalty program?
23)  What has been your greatest accomplishment?
24)  If hired, how long do you plan on working here?
25)  What is the new mantra of the company?
26)  How the company does relate with the fashion trends?
27)  Give a live example of your convincing skills?
28)  Tell us about the latest happenings of Shoppers Stop?
29)  How you will cope with the day to day challenges?
30)  What are the benefits of a loyalty program?
31)  Why customers should choose Shoppers Stop for shopping?
32)  Can you work in a team?
33)  What is your strengths and weakness?
34)  Are you willing to relocate?
35)  Having pursued engineering, why did you prefer this industry?
36)  How you can prove important for the company?

So these are some of the questions which can be asked at the interview panel. You can find out their answers and prepare yourself well for the interview. With your confidence and excellent skills, you will surely be able to crack the interview and seek a good position in Shoppers Stop. Being a part of such reputed brand is in itself a great pleasure and can ensure better growth prospects.

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