Interview Questions on SQL in Oracle

Q1.What do you mean by SQL Having?
Q2.What do you mean by EXISTS? Is it faster than IN?
Q3.Explain the delete concept in detail. How is it different from Truncate?
Q4.What are cursor variables in PL/SQL 2.2? How would you pass them?
Q5.Pragma Autonomous_Transaction--- what do you mean by this term?
Q6.Can you please write an SQL query to discover products which experience a sales increase every year?
Q7.What is the function of Revoke command?
Q8.State the difference between INSTR and SUBSTR?
Q9.What are form triggers? How are they different from database triggers?
Q10.What will be the query for showing alternate records from employee table?
Q11.What do you mean by NOT EXISTS operator?
Q12.How is it possible to stop output from being displayed on screen?
Q13.What are PL/SQL blocks? Explain the function of OCI in detail.
Q14.What is a DROP Option? How is it used in the Alter Table Command?
Q15.Explain the function of a cluster in detail.
Q16.Write a query to find out the top most product each year.
Q17.How is it possible to find minimum salaries?
Q18.Explain a Cartesian product.
Q19.Explain the following briefly
Q20. Explain an Outer join in detail.
Q21. Explain the different cursor attributes in detail.
Q22. What is a varchar2 type column? How is it possible to retrieve numeric values from it?
Q23. Explain the difference between %NotFound and No Data Found.
Q24. What do you mean by a Foreign Key?
Q25. Give some examples of a pseudo column. Tell me about a sysdate in detail.
Q26. State the difference between actual and formal parameters.
Q27. Tell us something about Where clause.
Q28. What do you mean by Floor?
Q29. How can you find out the total sale of a product by using a query?
Q30. How can a host operating system command be executed from within SQL?
Q31. Write a query to display only Thursdays from February 2002 till now.
Q32. What do you understand by an SQL Routine?
Q33. Which joins would you use for writing different Subqueries?
Q34. Tell us something about Grant command.
Q35. State the difference between Alias and Rename.
Q36. What is the function of a Select Command?
Q37. Explain correlated Subqueries.
Q38. Explain an inline view.

Q39. Can you show records between two ranges?
Q40. What do you mean by “NO_Index” hints?

Interview Questions for Oracle PL/SQL developers

Q41. Tell us something about Unix Shell Scripting.
Q42. How would you work towards modular issues if you are hired? How much aware are you of the basic DB designs?
Q43. Share your knowledge of DB Modeling.
Q44. Tell us something about SQL Server 2000.
Q45. Rate your client interaction skills. How would you like to describe your analytical skills?
Q46. Have you worked with Cast iron tool?
Q47. What would you like to tell us about your problem solving abilities?
Q48. What kind of project management skills do you possess?
Q49. What kind of technical designing have you been involved with before?
Q50. Describe some of the module platforms. What kind of experience do you have in DB tuning? What can you tell us about Explain Plan?

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