Interview Questions for Tata Tele Services

The general pattern of interview at Tata Tele Services stands something like this - Written Examination and then an HR interview. At times the company may also conduct a telephone interview.

Q1.Please share with us your previous work experience in detail.
Q2.Tell us how you would rate your communication skills on a scale of 1 to 10.
Q3.Tell us how you would react or respond if you are not selected here.
Q4.Why would you like to join Tata Tele Services?
Q5.Please describe your job role in your previous company in detail.
Q6.Tell us what sales strategy, you would adopt for selling this pen.
Q7.Tell us what you think has been your biggest professional disappointment till date. Why do think that it was a disappointment? How did you cope with it?
Q8.Tell us what sales strategy, you would adopt for selling this half-filled bottle in the platform.
Q9.Why should Tata Teleservices hire you?
Q10.Was there ever a time when you played an instrumental role in resolving a major dispute among your ex colleagues? Please tell us about that incident in detail.
Q11.Why are you looking forward to a job change?
Q12.How do you make sure that you are duly updated on your area of expertise?
Q13.How would you react if I say that you are over qualified for this position? Do you yourself believe that you are overqualified for the profile you have applied for?
Q14.Tell us about your ways of dealing with work pressure in the Telecom sector.
Q15.If I say that you do not have the required experience that we are looking for this profile, how would you propose to make up for your lack of experience?
Q16.Would you be comfortable with relocating, if asked?
Q17.Tell us about the most important ways by which the earlier and the present stages of market differ.
Q18.Have you ever had a problem while handling consumer requirement change?
Q19.Tell us about the key qualities that you would look for in a senior or boss.
Q20.Why are you willing to make a change from the FMCG to the Telecom?
Q21.Tell us about the product and services of Tata Tele Services in the market. How do you think they are different from our competitors products? How are they received by consumers?
Q22.Did you ever have a conflict with your manager in your professional career? If yes, then how did you mitigate the problem?
Q23.Tell us what you can do for our company if we hire you.
Q24.Tell us about your people management skills in detail.
Q25.Do you prefer to work with a team or alone? Please give reasons for your answer as well.
Q26.Tell us about your academic background in short.
Q27.Tell us how you would contribute to our company once hired. Or what is the best that you can do for our company, if we hire you?
Q28.Please tell us about what you know about channel management, in detail.
Q29.Could you suggest three ways of increasing revenue for our company?
Q30.Why are you so keen on leaving a company that is a market leader, where you are getting to manage such a large team?
Q31.Tell me about that one thing that you can do for our company that the others, sitting out there, can't?
Q32.Tell us about your biggest achievement in your past job.
Q33.What do you think is the role of a marketing executive?
Q34.Tell us about the most fun experience at your previous job.

Specific Interview Questions at Tata Tele Teleservices

Q35.Do you think that network is particularly classified by the extent of geographical coverage?
Q36.What do you know about MS Access Query?
Q37.What can you tell us about spread marketing? Tell us about trade scheme distribution in detail.
Q38.What is a firewall? What is its chief function?
Q39.Why do you think router works in networking layer?
Q40.Which three ways would you suggest for triggering company sales?

*Interview pattern and questions are subject to change without prior notice.

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