Interview Questions for Technical Support


Searching for Questions that are asked in the Technical Support Interview? check out the following list of questions that can help you in preparing for the Interview
Q1. Have you ever bailed your team out of a sticky situation?
Q2. Name the tools that are extremely helpful while troubleshooting.
Q3. On an average, how many calls can you answer in a day?
Q4. What is the difference between a serial and a parallel cable?
Q5. What do you mean by a jabber?
Q6. Do you have any idea about the ARD circuit?
Q7. Have you had an unpleasant experience while working? What did you learn from it?
Q8. If required, will you be able to train a class?
Q9. If you had to take two back-to-back phone calls, would you be comfortable with it?
Q10. What do you mean by a PDC?
Q11. Have you ever dealt with a difficult customer? How did you handle the situation?
Q12. What according to you makes you the best person for this job?
Q13. Why do you want to join our organization?
Q14. What do you know about a stored procedure?
Q15. Do you have any idea about what autoexec.ncf is?
Q16. What do you know about an Ethernet switch?
Q17. What is the function of nslookup?
Q18. Do you know about the products and services of our organization?
Q19. Name the different levels of RAID.
Q20. What is the procedure of creating a swapfile?
Q21. Tell us what you know about tip and ring.
Q22. How can you recover a file that has been deleted?
Q23. What according to you is a trigger?
Q24. Would you be open to working third shift?
Q25. What is the difference between IP and IPX?
Q26. What do you know about a 110 block?
Q27. How many calls can you take without escalation?
Q28. Are you good with meeting deadlines?
Q29. What is the process of configuring a WINS server?
Q30. What is a firewall?
Q31. Is there a difference between TCP and UDP?
Q32. Which command will you have to run in order to check the consistency of file system?
Q33. What do you know about an MX record?
Q34. Do you know what IGRP is?
Q35. What is the process of reversing a file?

Q36. What do you mean by bonding?
Q37. What is the procedure for altering environment variables in NT?
Q38. What is the process of troubleshooting an ADSL connection?
Q39. What is the process of checking the route table on a server?
Q40. In a password file, which are the various fields?
Q41. Can you conduct a Training session if necessary?
Q42. What strategy you will use to solve the problem of a tough client?
Q43. What exactly do you expect from this job?
Q44. Are you a team player or do you like to work alone?
Q45. Do you lose your cool under pressure situations?
Q46. When network is slow, how do you handle the situation?

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