Interview questions for Technical Writer

Q1.Tell us about the ways you research.
Q2.Tell us something about your writing speed. Or how much documentation is it possible for you to complete each day?
Q3.How serious are you about making a career in technical writing? Is a possible career switch in the cards?
Q4.What is your way of validating information content?
Q5.If hired, for how long will you be able to serve this organization?
Q6.Tell us briefly about products and services you have dealt with so far.
Q7.What kind of writing experience have you had up till now?
Q8.State the importance of documentation for a product based company.
Q9.What has been your personal experience of using a userís guide?
Q10.What do you think is your biggest weakness?
Q11.Do you know anything about collaborative editing or authoring?
Q12.How would you like to rate or describe your flair for writing?
Q13.Do you think that your academic qualifications could have been directed in a better way than technical writing?
Q14.How comfortable would you be in providing fast reviews in accordance with the release of products?
Q15.Describe a typical outline for an Operations Manual.
Q16.What do you mean by versioning system or content management system?
Q17.Tell us about the reasons for quitting your previous job.
Q18.Tell us about some of the things that should be kept in mind while transferring content to XML.
Q19.Tell us about the different tools used by you for your job from time to time.
Q20.Tell us how you would go about planning your documentation in case the software development methodology is agile?
Q21.How good a team player do you think you are?
Q22.Introduce the basic concept of technical writing.
Q23.What are the basic things to be kept in mind while preparing a userís guide?
Q24.What do you think is the scope of growth in this industry?
Q25.Tell us about your five year plans.
Q26.How comfortable would you be working for overseas clients?
Q27.What kind of technology have you dealt with so far?
Q28.What do you mean by DITA? Tell us something about single-sourcing.
Q29.What kind of experience do you have in writing about deeply technical programming interface?
Q30.What kind of a learner are you óone who values others' feedback or someone who likes to rely on self assessment?
Q31.How would you differentiate between DDLC and SDLC?

Q32.Explain the following---- product description, installation manual and user manual.
Q33.Tell us something about pamphlets stating clearly points which should be avoided and those which must be included.
Q34.How did you react at times of missed deadlines?
Q35.Why should we hire you?
Q36.What do you know about our company?
Q37.Can you tell us anything about Framemaker?
Q38.What do you think is your biggest strength?
Q39.How important is prioritization of tasks for you?
Q40.Have you worked on sales brochures?
Q41.Tell us about your biggest achievement as a technical writer.
Q42.What are the primary responsibilities of a technical writer?
Q43.How do you go about updating your knowledge of this field?
Q44.Do you consider yourself a techie?
Q45.List all the events involved in a documentation planning.
Q46.What do you mean by field evaluation?
Q47.What kind of experience do you have in large scale projects?
Q48.What do you mean by concept specification?
Q49.How do you deal with unexpected success?
Q50.Do you have any questions for us?

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