Top 15 Interview Questions for Freshers with Answers

1. If you were a piece of wood, which tree would you have come from?

A behavioral question, asked to assess a candidate’s reaction. Stay calm, do not be over smart or defensive, by saying "I do not support cutting of trees". You can associate such questions with personality traits and answer.

"Oak tree, since like Oak I believe I am strong and resistant to external conditions."

2. There are five people in the elevator all facing the rear side. What do you do when you get inside this elevator?

Another behavioral question, asked to assess the candidate’s natural behaviors. Think practically without losing your composure and hurting anyone’s emotions.

"I will face the front as that is comfortable."

3. How do you know you will not be looking for a career change after a few months or a couple of years, as you are a fresher and you have no experience in this industry?

A tricky question, asked to judge your convictions. Prepare before the interview by talking to employees in the company (you know) about its work culture, reading on the industry trends and documenting your interests carefully in the resume.

"Although, I have no experience in this industry, I have conversed with my college seniors and friends who have experience of working in your company and in this industry. Talking to them has helped me build conviction in my choice. I am confident about adapting in this organization’s work culture, and making it a productive, learning and rewarding experience."

4. If you had the power of removing one state in India, which would it be?

An oddball question, intended to examine a candidate’s thinking process and pressure handling ability. Do not be over emotional or extremely conservative. Your answer needs to be democratic and positive without tarnishing anyone’s image.

"As someone who has studied about all the states in India and traveled many of them, I know that each of them have the culture and heritage that constitute our country. If one is to be removed then the Republic of India would not remain the same."

5. How would you determine the number of cows in India, at a given moment? OR How many cows are there in India?

Another brainteaser, it is asked to assess a candidate’s problem solving ability related to large quantities and handling unexpected pressure. Stay calm, do not get defensive or emotional. Deal with the question using estimations and calculations. The interviewer is basically looking for the way or the process you use to get to the solution.

"To determine the number of cows in India, first we will need to know the change in cow population for the past 5 or 10 years, according to available data. Then we can research the Department of Animal Husbandry or the National Dairy Development Board for their livestock data. We also have to consider pregnant cows, and estimated number of cows that are slaughtered each month. We can then correlate the data and determine the number of cows at a given time."

6. Sell me this table at a price higher than the market price.

A fairly common question asked for a sales position. It evaluates how fast a candidate can think, their communication and marketing skills. Make convincing statements on the advantages of the item. Be prepared to be interrupted. Be creative and play along.

"This is a high quality table designed to not only be functional but also attractive. Its size and shape can be perfect office furniture that can be used for all kinds of work in office, for instance, as a desk or conference table for six. An office needs good and sturdy tables for handling large amounts of work and work related instruments and machines like computers, projectors, printer, and photocopy machines. In addition, the table’s design and scratch resistant color are well coordinated to match your office. This table costs a little more than normal tables as it is made with premium quality wood that are responsibly sourced, longer lasting and is completely recyclable."

7. A kangaroo walks through that door with a music system playing a hit Bollywood number. Why is he here, and what do you do?

A brainteaser, aims at examining a candidate’s way of dealing with customers and co-workers. Be honest, without being degrading. Through your answer, show that you are communicative and open to facing any situation.

"The kangaroo is here to audition for a dance competition. I will introduce myself and lead him to the right door where the dance audition is taking place."

8. Tell us about a good personality trait that you don’t have.

A behavioral question, asked to evaluate your capability to change yourself for the job. So, turn your answer it into something positive. "Being outgoing. Although, I am shy with people I meet for the first time, I am very friendly and comfortable with those whom I get to know."

OR "Ability to save money. Even though, I am a huge spender, through the years I have learned to document my spending and I have also informed myself with investment instruments and have started saving for a rainy day."

9. How much will you need to cover Qutab Minar with 50 paise coins?

This may be a simple mathematical calculation if you know the height and girth of the monument and the diameter of the coin. Even if you do not know this, explain the process to the interviewer.

"Find the area of Qutab Minar by multiplying height and base diameter using the area of cone formulae (Qutab Minar is roughly shaped as a cone). Similarly find the area of the coin. Then divide the area of Qutab Minar by that of the coin. The result divided by 2 gives the amount."

10. Does your college final examination marks reflect your potential?

Make this an opportunity to show the interviewer of your other skills, like hobbies, voluntary services, extracurriculars and give an example of your hard work and time management skills.

"Although exam scores can reflect how well I performed on the test day, it does not completely show my potential. While pursuing my education I have learned profusely through the services I volunteered, and my other extracurricular activities. These helped hone my skills and increase my potential to work harder and better."

11. Consider a scenario: you are onsite marketing your company’s product to a potential client. There is only one question that needs to be answered to close the deal. You know the answer to the question, but that might tarnish the reputation of your company. What do you do: tell the truth, lie or avoid answering the question?

A scenario question for sales position, asked to assess candidate’s reaction to emergency and steadfastness. Be discrete.

"I will neither lie, nor tell the truth, as the reputation of the company is of utmost importance. The client needs to be patiently heard and be provided with all the information of the product. Along with all the details, I will also highlight the benefits of buying the product as against others in the market."

12. What do you think about the bad bureaucracy in our country?

Do not fall into the trap of political bashing. Interviewer wants to evaluate your professionalism and assess whether you are into office politics or not. Be diplomatic and stay unemotional.

"I think not all government officials are bad. But it is true and unfortunate that even though they join government offices with good intentions they are not able to work efficiently."

13. How would you move Mount Everest?

A behavioral question, asked to determine candidate’s way of handling huge and impossible problems. Do not say you cannot do it; that would show defeatist thinking. Analyze the problem and determine what is feasible. Break bigger problems into small manageable pieces and persist in doing them.

"While moving the highest peak in the world poses a variety of problems like logistics; anything is possible. We can definitely conquer it by preparing realistically, determining the requirements and giving our best moving upwards one day at a time"

14. Consider a scenario: On your first day in office, you are working late. Everyone has left. Suddenly there is a power cut, there is no dial tone in the landline, and the door that leads outside opens only when you push a power button, which of course is un-operational due to the power cut. What do you do?

Another behavioral question, asked to examine candidate’s resourcefulness, and reaction to difficult situations. Think outside the box and be creative. Explain the steps you will take to survive and solve the impending problems.

"As there is a power cut, I am assuming that there is no light in the office. I will first use my mobile phone to shed some light and lead me to the nearest window. By opening the window some light will filter in. I will then try to troubleshoot the electricity issue by searching and checking the light switches and fuse. If that does not work, I will lodge a complaint using my mobile phone to the city’s electricity provider (I can get the phone number searching the internet on the phone). Finally I will patiently wait for the power to come back on, during which time I will troubleshoot the landline."

15. Give five uses of a broken earthern pot, other than paper weighting.

This brainteaser is asked to assess your creativity and fast thinking. Again, think out of the box and analyze the object in different ways.

"1. Using the pieces as a puzzle to make a pot or other creative things

2. Stenciling interesting shapes

3. If they are big enough, painting them and making tribal masks

4. If they are very small, putting them below the table’s legs to make them stand straight without wobbling

5. Hanging with a thread to create a vertical line for aligning vertically books and other objects"

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