Interview Questions and Answers for Uninor

Uninor was established in 2009 as a collaborative venture between the Unitech Group and the Telenor Group. The Unitech Group is a premier real estate conglomerate in India and the Telenor Group is a public sector telecommunications behemoth based in Oslo, the capital of Norway. The onus of marketing the services offered by Uninor is on Unitech and Telenor is responsible for discharging the managerial and operational functions of the company.

Uninor makes use of the GSM technology for extending mobile and data services. Presently, Uninor operates in the six telecom circles of Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Goa, Gujarat, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Uttarkhand, and Uttar Pradesh. The company offers its services to over 3 crores customers and has about 8,000 employees on its payrolls. There are approximately 1,576 distributors managing over 3, 50,000 retail stores that provide the numerous services and instruments of Uninor.

Interview questions for Uninor

The telecommunications sector in India is a sunrise industry and those opting for a career in this commercial segment will find excellent job opportunities in Uninor. The company offers the optimal working atmosphere and the right mix of conditions to someone who’s really keen to reach the zenith of his or her career in the telecom industry. After getting a break in an entry-level position either in the marketing, accounts, operations, logistics, and other interconnected departments one can work his or her way up the hierarchical levels to become the departmental head.

The screening process for recruiting candidates at different hierarchical levels essentially comprises of a written IQ/Aptitude Test and one or more round of face to face interviews where both traditional and behavioural questions are asked. Depending on the position one is applying for, there might be an additional GD round. Needless to say, only the most job-ready candidates are successful in making it to the last round and end up getting employed.

The entire interview process is intended to test an applicant’s ability to effectively perform the functions associated with his job position as well as his tact in handling a certain situation. Therefore, one should do his homework well before preparing to face the interview board. Following are some questions that may be posed by the interview panel.

Q1.What job positions have you held before?

A.Talk about your past work experience. Be clear and precise in elucidating your growth. Begin from the last job you held and progress backwards because interviewers pay maximum attention to your last job. Since this is usually the first question asked in an interview, your answer makes a lot of difference to the way the rest of the interview flows.

Q2.Do you have any idea on how the telecom sector operates?

A.Mention some statistics to answer this question. Next, talk about the technical operations in the industry, from voice transmission to reception.

Q3.How'll you convince a prospect that your product or service is superior to the ones offered by your competitors?

Sample answer: I would approach the situation in two ways – statistically and psychologically. In my experience, I have found that a combination of both these strategies produce the best results. I would elucidate the virtues of the product and quote facts and figures about its performance. I would also appeal to the psychological part of the customer and make them realize what they lose out if they choose other products over ours.

Q4.How'd you deal with a customer who is not satisfied with your company’s products or after sales service?

Sample answer: The first thing I would do is to remain calm and listen to the customer’s complaints. I would not interrupt him until he is through with presenting is problem. Next, I would validate his claims. I would  say, ‘yes sir, this should not have happened and as a representative of the product, I take responsibility for your dissatisfaction’. I would next ask specific questions about his complaint and sort out each issue separately. I would also make them feel that I listened to them with full attention.

Q5.How'd you develop a MIS file directory for the company’s computer network?

Q6.How’d create a payroll register for our organization using MS-Tally?

Q7.Can you cite an instance(s) from your past when you were faced with a situation where you were required to take a decision in a split-second? A.Were you able to take the right decision?

Making a split decision needs very sharp skills and a very quick mind. this question is specifically asked to test these aspects of your personality. If you have faced such a situation, give a very brief summary about the incident. Focus more on how you handled the situation rather than the story of the incident itself.

Q8.What made you apply to our company?

A.Talk about contributing to the company while growing on a personal front as well. Sample answer; Working in Uninor would be a wonderful experience because of the sheer stature of the company. I am aware that it is one of the world’s largest mobile telecom companies with a well organized structure and an aggressive approach towards capturing new markets. I believe that my skills will be put to test constantly and I will get a chance to enhance myself with every challenge while being able to contribute positively to the company’s growth.

Q9.Your long-term career goals?

A.I envision myself in the telecom industry in the future as well. Considering the current trends, this industry has tremendous growth potential. I would capitalize on the trend and grow my career within this industry. My long term career goal is to see myself in the position of a high level executive at the global level.

Q10.Why are you looking for a change? / Why do you want to resign from your current position?

A.Begin by thanking your previous employer for aiding your growth and grooming you. Quote a specific reason for quitting the job. Portray the message that you seek more challenging avenues and the new company presents greater growth opportunities. Sample answer: I would rather say that I am looking for a new challenge. I am deeply indebted to my colleagues and management in the previous job to have contributed to my growth, but after a while, I could notice that my growth had stagnated. It was not the lack of enthusiasm, but rather a lack of opportunity. The challenge began to fade out. Also, I wanted to explore new domains within the telecom sector. And Uninor, being the telecom giant that it is, offers stimulating challenges.

Q11.What are your virtues and weaknesses?

A.Talk about virtues that help you perform better and contribute better to the organisation you work in. quote weaknesses that are inconsequential to your professional growth.

Sample answer: virtues: Hard work, ability to handle pressure, optimism and attention to detail Weakness: Workaholic, it tends to take a toll sometimes. Also, not very diplomatic

Q12.What do you know about our company?

A.Give a brief account of the company. It is very important to include statistics here. Things to mention
  • Year of launch
  • Parent company
  • Growth
  • Global reach
  • Percentage share in the market
  • Upcoming projects
  • Anything else you find in latest news about the company
Q13.How'd you describe your competency skills for working under stress or strict deadlines?

Talk about two major skills – time management and discipline 
Sample answer: When under pressure, the first thing I do is set up a time schedule and manage my time so that I can add a few extra hours to my day. Secondly, I am disciplined enough to follow the schedule that I set for myself. I also practice yoga and meditation that keep my mind calm. So, I am able to handle stress pretty well and work within deadlines.

Q14.Are you more comfortable working alone or working in a group?

A.Remember that when you apply for a job, you must look into the job profile. Consider what is expected from you. are you expected to be a team member? Are you expected to handle tasks alone? The best answer is to be neutral and say that you are flexible working in both a group and alone.

Q15.Do you think you have it in you to lead a team for an office project?

A.Yes, I do have it in me to lead a team. I credit my management skills, ability to thing logically and be able to work under stress as my strengths in team management.

Q16.How would you act if you do not see eye to eye with your superior or employer on a certain issue?

 Whatever is your answer, keep in mind that you are expected to behave for the good of the company rather than deal with your personal issues. So, the answer to this question should reflect this aspect of your work ethics.

Sample answer: As an employee of Uninor or any other employer, my commitment and loyalty are always towards the betterment of the company. So, if I believe that my views are for the company’s good, I will try and convince my superior by talking logic. My intention is not to argue but discuss and decide on what is best for the company. But if I realize that my point of view does not do much good, I will have no qualms backing out. In any case, I would try and end the matter amicably rather than let it affect the ambiance at work.

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