Interview Questions for Viacom 18

Viacom 18 Media Pvt. Ltd is a joint venture operation between Viacom Inc and the Network18 Group. It was setup in India in 2007 and has its head quarters at Mumbai, India. This makes it one of the youngest in the media industry in India. Yet, it has made it a huge success in this short span of time, with an approximate turnover of 100 cores.  Viacom Inc and the Network18 Group are 50-50 partners in this venture.  They cater to a broad range of categories like entertainment, mobile, television, internet and other linked businesses under their umbrella.

The first step to become a part of this multi faceted company is a round of aptitude test. After you clear the test, you are tested for your reasoning and logical abilities. The second round is a Group discussion round, in case the recruitment is taking place at a college level. Else, the second round is the interview round. There could be multiple rounds of interview you need to clear before you become a part of the fastest growing media and entertainment network.

Below are a few interview questions for Viacom 18 to help you complete the recruitment process successfully:

Q 1. Tell us something about yourself.
Q 2. Brief us on your academic background.
Q 3. Why did you choose these subjects (referring to your major subjects in your post graduation/graduation)?
Q 4. Which if these skills do you think you can use most in Viacom 18?
Q 5. How will you put them to use?
Q 6. What is your opinion about Viacom 18 Media Pvt Ltd?
Q 7. How do you think you can contribute towards Viacom 18’s success?
Q 8. What do you know about the media industry?
Q 9. What motivates you to work in this dynamic industry?
Q 10 .Can you adjust to the pace of this industry, as it needs great commitment and dedication to work? How will you do that?
Q 11. Which was the last project we handled? How did it do?
Q 12. What according to you is the most interesting part in this field?
Q 13. Why should we hire you?
Q 14. How would you handle the pressure in this work environment?
Q 15. How do you prioritize your work? 
Q 16. Technical questions are asked for technical posts such as Network Administrator and Senior Manager for Technical Operations.
Q 17. Marketing and selling skills are tested for Marketing Executive role.
Q 18. Management specific questions and skills are tested for job roles like Corporate Services and Production Coordinator.
Q 19. You will be challenged that you are not fit for the job. You have to prove your worth.
Q 20. Are you open to relocation or lateral movement within the company?
Q 21. Where do you see yourself in the coming 5 to 10 years?
Q 22. How do you plan to reach there?
Q 23. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Viacom 18 media is highly dynamic company and is moving forward aggressively. So, spontaneity can be the key to help you sail through the interview process. Make sure you are updated with the company’s current happenings, latest news and achievements. This will help you to create a fine impression on the interviewer. The rest can be handled by using your common sense and being sincere.

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