Interview Questions for Videocon

Videocon Industries Limited is one of the largest Indian conglomerates with four major operational segments like consumer electronics and home appliances, Power, Telecommunications and Oil. With almost 17 manufacturing units in India and plants in various foreign locations like China, Italy, Poland and Mexico, Videocon assembles, manufactures and distributes a vast range of consumer durables. Its foray into various sectors opens up innumerable job opportunities and offers a healthy work environment. The interview process is set up to assess the candidate’s competence level, confidence and zeal to be a part of the company.

The Interview Procedure

The interview procedure comprises of three basic rounds. The first round is usually the telephonic round conducted by the HR department wherein your details and your previous job profile is discussed. The second round is very crucial and consists of a one-to-one interview with the immediate superior or senior management. Various questions regarding your personal and professional details are asked. You also get to face situational questions in order to assess your ability to handle difficult circumstances. The third or the final round is more of a formality as salary negotiation is the main concern here.

Here is a list of interview questions that will help you stand out in the interview and succeed in acquiring the desired position in a reliable and reputed company like Videocon.

Q1.Introduce yourself and tell us how your upbringing can help you grow in your career.
Q2.Why do you want to leave your previous company?
Q3.Why do you wish to join Videocon?
Q4.How will your prior experience help you?
Q5.What according to you is your biggest professional achievement?
Q6.Have you ever faced failure due to any crucial decision of yours? If yes what strategy did you adopt to rectify the same?
Q7.Have you used Videocon products? If you have not, what made you decide against the company? If you are hired, what will you do to ensure that other buyers don’t make the same decision?
Q8.What idea do you have about Videocon Industries and what are the key products?
Q9.What is your personal opinion on Videocon and tell us about your likes and dislikes on its products or services?
Q10.Give reasons as to why should Videocon hire you.
Q11.Talk about your strengths and weaknesses and how will overcome your shortcomings?
Q12.How is Videocon different from other companies?

Q13.What is your take on the company’s policy as compared to other companies?
Q14.How will you become an asset to the company?
Q15.What is more important for you – the company’s profit or your own interests?

Q16.What do you think are the prerequisites for this job?
Q17.Justify your candidature for the applied post and why do you deserve this job?
Q18.On what parameters will you judge your success?
Q19.How would you rate your managerial skills?
Q20.What have your past mistakes taught you and how will it help you in tackling similar situations?
Q21.How will your contribution help Videocon surpass its competitors?
Q22.What according to you is the most crucial factor in employee satisfaction? Q23.How will you motivate your subordinates and prevent attrition?
Q24.Who are the major players in this sector and what is their market share?
Q25.What are the strengths of the major competitor and how will you handle that?
Q26.What strategy will Videocon adopt to keep pace with the changing technology?
Q27.What is the targeted customer segment for Videocon products and why?
Q28.What are your expectations from a job at Videocon?
Q29.Where do you see yourself five years down the line?
Q30.Do you want to ask us anything or know about the company?

In today’s highly competitive world, it’s this personal interaction that decides your career. Prepare yourself well with facts and figures; be confident and assertive in your answers. Your positive attitude and job knowledge will surely make you successful in your professional career.

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