Interview Questions for Vodafone

While planning a career in telecom sector, Vodafone is one of the most preferred target companies to apply jobs in. Third rank-market position in telecom sector and an employee friendly work culture makes Vodafone such an admirable and aspired company to work with.

Vodafone interviews are nothing such ‘hard to crack nuts’, all you need is to prepare well for your interviews. Once expecting the interviews, you must start preparing well in advance. For that you may follow the below interview tips for your Vodafone interview:

  • Follow the basic interview tips.
  • Try to get interview advices from experts and/or Vodafone’s current employees.
  • Gather information about the industry and most importantly about the company and the job you are applying for.
  • Prepare interview questions and answers.
  • Practice mock interviews.
  • Get interview questions advice and tips that would help you give effective answers.

Interview Pattern/Procedure at Vodafone

Vodafone Essar interviews generally comprise of following Interview levels:

1.   Telephonic Interview
2.   Personal Interview (Technical)
3.   Personal Interview (Managerial)
4.   HR Round

Interview Questions Vodafone

One of the most crucial stages of interview preparations is to practice and prepare the most commonly asked interview questions. Some of the most common questions that are likely to come in your upcoming interview at Vodafone are:

Q1.Why did you left your previous job?
Q2.What have you been doing since morning?
Q3.Where do you see yourself in next five years?
Q4.Tell me something about your school life?
Q5.Tell me something about yourself, your education, family background, etc.
Q6.What should we expect from you if we choose to hire you for this post?
Q7.Why do you think you will fir in this role of an Escalation Officer (Nodal/Appellate)? (For Operations Executive Position)
Q8.How does your operations management background make you fir for a sales & marketing role?
Q9.What is your most memorable day?
Q10.What is SS? (For Engineer)
Q11.What is Call Flow? (For Engineer)
Q12.What mobile network are you using? (If other than Vodafone) Why are you not using Vodafone connection, while you are about to join Vodafone?
Q13.Why do you want to join Vodafone and not any other company?
Q14.What is your salary expectation?
Q15.Why do you want to switch to a telecom company?
Q16.Why do you want to sales and marketing from operations job?
Q17.You seem quite uncomfortable? Are you alright?
Q18.Tell us about your last project and your role in it. Also tell us whether you were successful in your task or not. Why/How?
Q19.Would you be willing to work in a rural area, if reallocated?
Q20.How much comfortable are you with reallocation?
Q21.What is your current field of job?
Q22.Explain me how would be an asset for Vodafone?

Q23.How would your past experience translate into success in this job?
Q24.If given data on customer ID, purchase dates and amount paid, how will you extract the last 2 purchases done by every customer?
Q25.When the employee (your subordinate) is not willing to work, in that situation what would you do?
Q26. How would you handle an unset customer, without having all the necessary information with you? Would you simply raise your hands and forward the customer’s query/grievance to next level.
Q27.Disadvantages of CDMA technology?
Q28.Tell me something about yourself. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Q29.What is marketing?
Q30.What do you know about our company?
Q31.What is balance sheet?
Q32.What is SWOT analysis?
Q33.What is the difference between Airtel and Vodafone?
Q34.What do you like about Vodafone?
Q35.How would you pacify an irate customer?

Some common trends regarding Vodafone Interview Questions:

  • They can ask you questions from your resume.
  • They would like to probe your industry knowledge.
  • Questions specific to telecom industry would be asked if you belong to the same field/industry.
  • If you are switching from a different background, interviewers would ask you the reason for this switch and about your previous job.
  • They will also probe your knowledge of the job you are applying for.

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