Winrunner Interview Questions

Q1. Can you tell us what purpose a set_window command serves?
Q2. Can you tell us the reason for not loading GUI maps for startup scripts?
Q3. Tell the process of unloading the GUI map.
Q4. Can you tell us what will happen if the GUI map file is loaded? What is the function of this map?
Q5. Please tell us the role of GUI spy.
Q6. Can you tell me the purpose of various record methods regarding pass up, ignore, record and as object?
Q7. Tell us how virtual object wizard is used and what is its role?
Q8. Explain the various methods of script recording.
Q9. Do you know anything about virtual objects? Please explain.
Q10. Can you tell us something about checkpoint and their various types?
Q11. Can you explain the testing process of WinRunner? What are the six main stages involved?
Q12. Can you tell us what does a GUI map contain?
Q13. Do you know how WinRunner recognizes objects?
Q14. Please tell us something on test scripts and their content.
Q15. Please explain the procedure for analyzing test results and reporting defects.
Q16. Can you tell us what the various modes of recording are?
Q17. Please tell us the function of the software Test Director.
Q18. Tell us why would you load WinRunner Add-ins?
Q19. Suppose an object is without name, then what would be its logical name?
Q20. Can you tell us the difference between GUI map files and GUI maps?
Q21. Tell us the procedure through which you can view the GUI map content.
Q22. Do you know anything about data-driven tests?
Q23. Tell us the function of the command - tl_step.
Q24. What do you know about analog recording and context sensitive recording?
Q25. Do you know the function of GUI map editor?
Q26. Can you tell us about the various types of data repository present in WinRunner?
Q27. Tell us in 5 minutes about WinRunner.
Q28. Can you tell us the merits and disadvantages of WinRunner?
Q29. Do you know anything about Synchronization?
Q30. Tell us the procedure for implementing synchronization in WinRunner.
Q31. Tell us what you know about checkpoints.
Q32. Do you know anything about the various categories of checkpoints?
Q33. Can you differentiate between Test Director and WinRunner?

Q34. How many GUI map modes are available in WinRunner?
Q35. Do you know anything about breakpoints?
Q36. Differentiate breakpoints from toggle breakpoints.
Q37. Do you know what are step into and step?
Q38. Do you know the difference between 4GL and TSL?
Q39. Tell us something about compiled module.
Q40. Do you know anything about data parameterization?
Q41. Do you know anything about user define functions?
Q42. Do you think DB can be tested using WinRunner?
Q43. Can you tell us about the default codes generated in WinRunner upon starting an application?
Q44. What are the categories of exception in WinRunner?
Q45. Do you know how to handle exception in WinRunner?
Q46. Tell the process of linking a data table in the script.
Q47. How can you generate functions on TSL?
Q48. Do you know anything about XSS (Cross Site Scripting)?
Q49. How can you create an ODBC Query?
Q50. Can you invoke WinRunner on a remote machine? How?

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