Interview Questions for

Some of the questions that you might be asked at are listed below:


Q1.What do you have to share with us about the last assignment that you had dealt with?
Q2.Tell us in detail about the current assignment that you are dealing with.
Q3.Why do you think that we should hire you?
Q4.How good or bad a team member do you think you are?
Q5.What do you know about our company?
Q6.Can you share with us the reasons for quitting your last job?
Q7.Why do you want to work with us at Yatra?
Q8.Have you ever had a boss about whom you had felt that he/she could have been the worst boss in your career? If yes, then please tell us about it a little more.
Q9.How fast do you think you are, at delivering results?
Q10.Tell us about your five year goals.
Q11.What would you have to say about your communication skills?
Q12.What do you think is your biggest weakness? What kind of improvement are you expecting there in the near future?
Q13.How well do you think you understand this whole Supplier and travel agent psyche?
Q14.How good at you are at "thinking out of the box?"
Q15.Tell us about your coordination skills.
Q16.Tell us about one of the negative things that your boss would have to say about you.
Q17.Describe a situation which you had faced recently where you had decided that you should be precise in order to be successful at a job.
Q18.How do you plan to add to our revenue generation if we hire you?
Q19.What is meant by "schedule change" in our industry?
Q20.Was there ever a time when you were involved in group work to reach a common goal?
Q21.What do you know about the present travel industry?
Q22.How do you plan to keep your manager informed about the progress of the team that you are a part of?
Q23.What kind of itinerary plan can you suggest for an international destination like Singapore?
Q24.Tell me about a successful presentation that you have delivered recently, clearly specifying how you prepared for it.
Q25.How would you react if I would have asked you to sell a pen to a nine year old kid?
Q26.What can you tell us about the new airline rules?
Q27.Do you know anyone from our company?
Q28.What kind of experience do you have in the travel industry?
Q29.Share your knowledge on the International tourist destinations covered by us.
Q30.What do you mean by "upselling"?

Some Specific Interview Questions

Q31.Can you write a program to convert a big endian to a little endian?
Q32.Can you draw a DFA that will not reject odd bs and as?
Q33.Transpose of Matrix- Can you tell us anything about it?
Q34.How well do you think you would be able to handle report issues while testing applications?
Q35.Tell us briefly about your software testing skills.
Q36.What kind of knowledge do you have in Javascript?
Q37.Which is the element in array in log(n)--- {5,7,8,9,10,1,2,3,4}
Q38.Tell us about some effective ways of bug tracking.
Q39.What kind of experience do you have in UI development?
Q40.What kind of design experience do you have?

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