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When looking for IT jobs, you need to first identify what type of job best suits your needs. Known to be a diverse job domain, each job under this category has its own requirements. As a result, analyzing your skills and then applying for a computer job is of utmost importance. With most of the conventional programming jobs making their way to China, the rest of the world gets the opportunity to come up with new roles like testing, compliance and business analysis. If you are already into a computer job, but then are thinking of making a switch to some better profile then ensure taking up new projects or courses that will help you polish your skills, thereby enabling you to get through your desired profile.

Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria for IT related jobs usually differ from one job type to the other. In fact, companies recruiting candidates for the same job profile too have different criteria set for them. For instance,

  • if you are applying for the position of a software engineer, then the eligibility criteria set for you would either be a bachelorís or masterís degree in engineering.
  • But then, some companies would prefer recruiting candidates with a first class degree (60%) in engineering while others would settle down for less.
  • Similarly, for job profiles like data entry operator or secretary, even those with a graduate degree can apply.
  • Additionally, no matter in what job profile you are in, a good command over English is desired by all the companies.

Relevant Course

It is often observed that even people with long careers in the computer domain donít have any formal training in the specific area. This is certainly not a way out, particularly when you are in an age of cut-throat competition. Hence, a certificate course, degree or specialized certificate course like MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) can always add to your resume.

Growth Prospects

Growth prospects are strong in computer careers; however, for assured success on your part, you need to be clear about your career objectives. With the adequate training, technical certifications and other relevant degrees you can get through your desired job profile. With the job market booming, some of the job profiles you can apply for include:

  • Data Entry
  • Secretarial/Administrative
  • Customer Service/Telesales
  • Technical Support
  • Software Engineer
  • Business Analyst
  • Test Manager
  • Graphic Designer
  • Database Administrator
  • Technical Writer
  • Production Analyst†
  • Computer Manager
  • Computer Contractor
  • Onshore and Offshore Consultant†

Current Job Market in the Domestic and Global Front

With the highest growth rate recorded and as many as 8.54 lakhs jobs in the IT domain, it can be rightly said that the computer sector in India is the leading hiring bandwagon when compared to the other sectors. On the other hand, from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics report it is evident that by 2018 the US job market will record approximately 1.8 million new computer jobs, i.e. a straight 22% hike from recent timeís market. Even UK shows up positive response in terms of current †job market. According to the reports submitted by Mount Recruitment (a well-known IT recruitment company of UK) it is clear that as of now there is an increased demand for PHP developers in UK.†

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