Nursing jobs in Italy

Nursing is becoming a highly rewarded career in Italy. Many nurses are finding Italy as an expanding and developing destination both in personal and professional terms.

Vacancies that many companies usually have are:
  • a full time nurse is needed in Florence (Italy )for a disable male of 24 years, duties involves helping the man to rest in bed at night, looking after him throughout the whole day and with other light work(s), other benefits are awarded along with the monthly salary. You can contact for more details.

There are also many hospitals in Italy, you can always reach to them for vacancies, as they are expanding they are always in a lookout for recruiting nurses, few hospitals in Italy are mentioned below:

  • Bologna Public Health Departments - Bologna, Italy
  • Ceccarini Hospital - Riccione, Italy
  • San Giovanni di Dio Hospital - Florence, Italy
  • Cattinara Hospital - Trieste, Italy
  • Orthopedic Institute Gaetano Pini - Milan, Italy
  • Fondazione Salvatore Maugeri - Clinica del Lavoro e della Riabilitazione - Pavia, Italy
  • Le Molinette - Turin
  • Mauro Leonardis - Rome
  • Orthopedic Institute Gaetano Pini - Milan
  • United States Naval Station Hospital - Naples

Nursing in Italy has changed dramatically. For a number of years Italian Universities have been offering degrees instead of diplomas in nursing suggesting that the country is developing a workforce with in-depth professional knowledge in this field. These courses provide nurses a very good foundation in their profession. Their work has become more specialized and well defined. Nurses can practice privately to help the doctors, wherein they are called home assistants or they can join any public hospitals.

The nursing practices vary from country to country. Knowing the health structure and sector of Italy would always be beneficial for you. Knowledge of Italian would be an added advantage. So make your nursing jobs in Italy enjoyable and interesting.

A nurse in Italy is also known as a midwife. They get employed in government and private hospitals and nursing homes. A nurse in Italy has to look after the post operative healthcare programs of patients and also conduct different medical tests. They are required in the emergency room of a hospital. It is advisable for a person applying for the position of a nurse to have a good command over the Italian language. The average working hours for a nurse is 165 hours a month and the salary is approximately 1900 euros per month. You have to register with the Italian National Federation of Professional Colleges before applying to the post of a nurse in Italy. Some organizations in the nursing sector in Italy are:

Bologna Public Health Departments This hospital is located in the Zamboni area of the city of Bologna. You can apply in San Giovanni di Dio Hospital Located in the city of Florence, this hospital is known for its cardiology and internal medicine divisions. For recruitment applications, people must call at 0706091.

Mauro Leonardis Located in the city of Rome, the Mauro Leonardis is chiefly known for its cosmetic surgery department where nursing staff is required in the special sections of facelift, mastopexy and rhinoplasty. Qualified nursing candidates can contact 065565971.

Orthopedic Institute Gaetano Pini This healthcare center of Milan specializes in the departments of rheumatology, anesthesia and traumatology. Interested candidates must call and place applications at 02582961.

Cattinara Hospital This hospital located in Trieste is one of the largest in Italy. It houses the departments of oncology, pathology, perioperative medicine and diagnostic imaging among others. Qualified nurses can send in their applications to

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