Teaching Jobs in Italy

Italy offers a lot of opportunities in teaching, especially in English. The students vary from 3-19 years old, which are mostly dependent on the type of school you teach. If you are fluent in English then you have a strong advantage of teaching English in Italy.

In Italy you have the following teaching vacancies at present:

  • In Bolonga there is a position vacant for primary teacher.
  • A private elementary school in Rome wants a teacher for early childhood program, you have to send your CV to the headmistress.
  • An international school in Padua is also taking application from certified teachers. You have to send your detail bio-data to the authority of the school.

  • British institute is also looking for an English teacher, the job location is in Arona and Novara. You must have at least 1-2 years of experience, you must be in the age group of 24-34, and should minimum have a Bachelor's degree. You can contact arona@britishinstitutes.it
  • One of the largest English medium schools in Milan presently needs teachers.

    Majority of the Italian schools opts for TOEFL-certified and experienced teachers. Teaching English is one of the easiest and quick employment options in Italy, because it offers you a very comfort living. 20 hour week teaching will fetch you around 900 Euros. You also have to speak normal Italian, so going for a language course in your country first would be an added advantage and you can improve your language once you settle in Italy. There are many institutes which offers language courses in Italian. Apart from the central Universities like, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi University and Jamia Millia University, many other private institutes also offer courses in Italian Language. Check the Italian Cultural Embassy website for details on different levels of Italian language learning. Enjoy the beautiful location of Italy and make the best of teaching jobs in Italy.

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