Jobs in Japan

After experiencing a period of economic recession Japan’s economy is again showing signs of positive development. It recorded a growth of +2.2% in 2006. These economic changes have their effects on the jobs in Japan. Manufacturing industry in Japan has now given way to services and IT to become the largest employers. A substantial portion of the labor force is now employed in the Information Technology sector. They are followed by other services, medical and government jobs in terms of availability. On the other hand, manufacturing, construction, banking and insurance have downsized the number of people employed.

However, the scenario for jobs in Japan is far better than previous years.Rate of employment growth in Japan has been on the rise in the last couple of years. The manufacturing industries (Heavy metals, machinery and chemicals) still lead the show in terms of highest salaries. They are being very closely followed by IT and logistics. Another noticeable improvement has been the inclusion of foreign nationals in terms of employment. Given the number of foreign companies opening their branches in Japan, the number of foreign nationals working in Japan has increased considerably over the last couple of years. Knowledge of Japanese language for foreigners is an added advantage as this allows them to find jobs in local companies a well. One can get the material for Interviews also like Questions, Tips etc. from this site that can help in getting a job.

The teaching sector has also registered a growth in the number of English language teachers in Japan. It is true considering the current economic scenario; the Japanese firms are not actively participating into recruitment policies, but then, even today the labor market welcomes international graduates, specifically those having proficiency in Japanese language. With the global credit crunch, unemployment ratio in Japan is at a 6 year high. Hence, if you want to maximize your chances, particularly for language teaching, then make sure to gain practical experience while in Japan. It is because experience gained from some other country is not recognized here.

However, external experience is recognized in the IT labor market. With technology industry emerging at its best, the other popular industries where you can look for opportunities include robotics and electronics. However,  opportunities in the car manufacturing industry may not be many as this sector is in a declining mode. Some of the major companies of Japan where you can look for job opportunities are as follows:
  • Sony
  • Sharp
  • Canon
  • Hitachi
  • Honda
  • Toyota
  • Mazda

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