IT Jobs in Japan

Information Technology has become the largest employer in Japan today. In addition to providing employment to local Japanese nationals, the IT sector is also attracting foreign nationals fluent in Japanese. There are various posts available for IT jobs in Japan. Most projects carried out in the IT industry are team based, as the Japanese work culture puts more emphasis on collective performance. Quality over quantity is demanded and work is carried out in a more relaxed manner. Working overtime is a common phenomenon, often noticed for people helping out team mates in a project.

The following segments will give you a detailed perspective on the IT jobs in Japan:

Posts offered:

Web Programmer
Marketing Coordinator
Technical Writer
Senior Web Developer
Web Architect
Software Engineer
Graphic Designer
IT Applications Manager
Accounts Manager
Web Marketing
Sales Account Executive
Web Content Writer
Database Administrator
Data Analyst
Unix Administrator
Oracle Developer
C++/VC++ Developer

Qualifications: For jobs related to Web Developing/Programming a Masters or equivalent Degree in computer science/engineering, with specialization in web development is required. For graphics, a Degree in graphic designing, good knowledge of color process, photoshop and illustrator is required. For other posts, a basic knowledge of technology or software knowledge related to the job is required.

Work Experience: Previous work experience is usually preferred. For specialized programmers like UNIX, Java, Oracle a minimum of 3 years of work experience is sought.

Working hours: 40 hours/week is the general range. However, working on weekends and after office hours is normal practice.

Other skills: A basic knowledge and fluency in Japanese language is a must for business utility. Apart from that it is helpful if based in Japan for a considerable period of time.

Pay Scale: the pay scale for administrative and programming/designing posts ranges around 250,000-300,000 yen/month (approx.). Pay scale increases with the seniority of the post.

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