Job Websites in Lithuania

Job Websites have changed the scenario of getting recruited in the global economies. These sites are the reasons for radical change in employment the world over. Business houses, government departments, NGOs, banks, government make use of the services of efficient Job Websites. As a viewer, it is of utmost importance to know about the popularity and size of the web presence of each site before you decide to avail the service. Lithuania is in the northern part of Europe and the south most of the 3 Baltic states. Lithuania is a country with a high average income. The country has a well developed modern infrastructure of railways, airports and highways. Until October 2008, the unemployment rate was 4.7%. As a member of the European Union, its economy has boomed along with increased outsourcing into the country, and also boosting the tourism sector.

Top Job Websites in Lithuania

CV Market is a Lithuanian job board. You can look for job vacancies in Lithuania. This site accepts overseas CV and applications. The person applying should have a minimum education qualification of Post-secondary - University Degree. Preferable work experience of 0 to 20 years.

CV-Online Lithuania is the version of an Eastern European network of job boards. You can search for temporary or permanent job openings in Vilnius and other towns throughout Lithuania. This site accepts resumes and applications from abroad with minimum education of Secondary - High School Degree. Preferable work experience of 0 to more than 20 years.

Mercury Urval LithuaniaThis is an international consultancy concentrating on executive director selection and other recruitment areas. It has 80 offices in 22 countries. As a overseas person, you have to hold a working Visa with a minimum education of Post-secondary - University Degree. Preferable work experience is 10 years – over 20 years.

Professional People Lithuania This recruiting agency in Lithuania is focusing on junior to mid level positions in the Information Technology, Finance and Accounting industries, Sales and Marketing. If you are willing to work abroad, you need a working visa with a minimum qualification of Post-secondary - University Degree. You need to have an working experience of minimum 2 years and a maximum of 20 years. It is the world's best source of international ELT jobs. You can view international jobs in a quick time. It enables you to post your resume online and append a photograph, audio or video clip to their resume. You can send your online resume at via InstApply to any e-mail address in the world.

Lithuanian Labour Exchange This exchange helps you in searching jobs online. You can register an add and use the job search engine and get useful information about a job. This site is one of the most popular jobsites in Lithuania, specially among the candidates who seek placements in international organizations in Lithuania. Further, this site is also used by international organizations who want to recruit for their vacancies in Lithuania This site specializes in recruitment for the Oil sector, the world over. It gives vacancies for the oil sector. Candidates can register their resumes online and also look for vacancies that suit them

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