Teaching Jobs in Kenya

In the years that followed 2003, Kenya shows a marked development in the field of education and there also developed a greater chance for teaching jobs in Kenya. The government of Kenya has recently introduced a nationwide educational approach - the Kenyan Education Sector Support Programme 2005 – 2010.

Kenyan education is founded on a 8-4-4 structure (eight years of primary education, followed by four years of secondary education and four years in tertiary education). But the major population of Kenya hardly goes beyond primary education.

After the declaration of free primary educational system by the government of Kenya, about one million extra young Kenyans enrolled themselves as students in primary school. The increase in the number of students simultaneously increases the chances of teaching jobs in Kenya.

The infrastructure and textbooks of the schools have also been developed in the recent years. All the 18,000 primary schools of Kenya now have some textbooks although some community schools has a very few as the majority of the Kenyan students could not afford textbooks. Five categories of primary school exist in Kenya:

  • Day primary school – which makes up the majority of schools
  • Boarding Schools divided into low, medium and high costs
  • Arid Zone Primary School

    The government of Kenya is aiming at an increase in the number of students that moved from primary school to secondary school from 47% to 70% within 2008 with a special emphasis on women's education. This seems to be a significant challenge for the government as the fees structure of most of the secondary school is higher than the primary and this is one of the reasons that prohibits most rural Kenyans from pursuing secondary education. The Kenyan students receives four years in secondary school or high school to prepare for college. At the end of their successful completion of the secondary education the students receives a Kenya certificate of Secondary Education. A student is eligible for the secondary for the school only after the completion of Kenya Certificate of Primary Education(KCPE). Two types of secondary school exists :
  • Government aided school
  • Harambee school

    One can work in a variety of way in Kenya. Following are some of the posts offered:
  • English Language Teacher
  • Orphanage/ Primary School volunteering
  • Teaching in Missionary School
  • Teaching in an English speaking school (Preparatory – class 12)
  • Volunteer teaching in Kenya

Qualification: For primary level school teaching no particular academic qualification is required. One only need to be good in English and a desire to work in Kenyan social structure. For teaching in secondary schools however, a bachelor degree is a must along with a teacher's training certificate
Work Experience: For primary school no experience is required. In fact, young people with energy and without experience is encouraged for the posts. But, in the case of secondary school 1 – 2 years of experience is required.

Other Skills: Ability to effortlessly deal with children, language proficiency in English and in some cases a proficiency with the local language.

Working Hours: Not specified.

Pay Scale: Pay scale is provided only during appointment. Not specified before.

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