Teaching Jobs in Kuwait

Kuwait is the one of the richest countries among other Gulf countries. The country's revenue comes mainly from the oil industry. But a country cannot solely prosper by obtaining revenue from a particular industry.

Therefore it is trying to develop other industrial sectors which would help Kuwait to increase its GDP per annum. As a result of this various sectors are coming up in Kuwait. One such major sector is the teaching sector in Kuwait in which the country has invested a lot of money.

This is because is has become an utmost necessity to provide decent education to the masses. Moreover teaching English to its inhabitants has become an essential trend in Kuwait as it is an Arabic country.

Kuwait has understood the potential of English language and to teach the power language to the future generations teaching English has become a present day trend in the country. As such there are several vacancies in teaching jobs in Kuwait . So if you are confident with your proficiency in English you can apply for the following posts.

Posts offered : The following posts are offered at present for teaching jobs in Kuwait.
  • Teaching in elementary schools
  • Teaching English<

Qualifications : A minimum bachelor's degree is required to apply for the posts.

Other Requirements : Some other requirements for the posts are as follows :
  • Applicants must be from Canada , USA or UK
  • They should have Native English proficiency
  • They should be flexible, willing to work with children
  • The applicants must be willing to relocate in Kuwait

Work experience : No prior work experience is necessary.

Pay Scale : Pay Scale is unspecified

Other benefits : The other benefits for the posts offered include
  • Free Airfare
  • Furnished Rent Free Housing
  • Medical Insurance
  • 2 months of Paid Vacation
  • Paid sick and emergency leave
  • 100% Tax Free Salary
  • Cost of living is lower than U.S./Canada/UK
  • You are given the opportunity to gain international experience .

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