Placement Consultants in Libya

Placement consultants in Libya are very helpful to the employees who are willing to settle in Libya. In general it is a common belief that there are no placement consultants in Libya as Libya is a country of poverty and diseases. This belief is lopsided and though Libya faced such problems a decade ago but at present revenues from the oil industries have changed the scenario totally. Libya is fast progressing and several industries have started their business in the country as a result of which job opportunities are being ushered in to Libya. Keeping in track with the rapid pace of industrialization, numerous placement consultants are also entering the soil of Libya to provide guidance to the job seekers.

Are you seeking a job in Libya? If you are unable to find out adequate information on placement consultants in Libya then don't give up your patience for we are there to help you out . Our mission is to up date you with the necessary information about placement consultants in Libya right at your desk.

Placement consultants in Libya are plenty, however all of them are not authentic. So before you search for job applications in Libya, have full information on the various placement consultants available in Libya. The authentic placement consultants in Libya provide essential guidance to the job seekers. They not only help the candidates in processing their application but also have a tie-up with the recruitment companies.

This enables them to put your CV forward to the recruiters if you are a genuine candidate and they also help the companies to shortlist the candidates. Placement consultants in Libya also provide other assistance to the job seekers even after their selection process is complete for the respective posts . They assist them by providing valuable advice for obtaining work permits if required and give necessary guidelines if you need to fulfill other criteria such as preparing the cover letter etc.

The name and contact detail of the topmost placement consultants in Libya is provided here for your future assistance.

  • Libya way .com
    web :

  • Alsiraj International Limited Company
    Benashur, Aldul Street, Tripoli, Libya
    Ph. No. – 218-21-3633266
    Fax No. – 218-21-3621791
    Email –
    Website –

  • Tenaris Global Services
    Tenaris Global Services SA, Al – Fateh Tower No. 2, 16th floor, Office no. 168, Tripoli, Libya
    Ph. No. – 352-26-478978
    Fax No. – 352-26-478979
    Website –

  • Al - Mawared (APT) Libya
    Hai El Andalus, Tripoli, Libya
    Ph. No. – 00218-021-477-4877
    Fax No. – 00218-021-477-7239
    Email –
    Website –

  • Other placement consultants recruiting for companies in Libya but based out of the country are:
     SMART Specialists International Limited  and Kortag.  

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