Construction Jobs in Malaysia

Economic forecast of Malaysia reveals a bright picture as it is all set to rejuvenate after a dull period due to recession. A renowned tourist destination, Malaysia is all set to experience a surge in business activities in the near future. Different sectors of the economy are already showing obvious signs of improvement. The various industries are on the verge of launching their expansion plans to make up for the loss that they incurred during the economic downturn. Like the various sectors, the construction sector is also ready to make the most of this upswing. As a result, most of the leading construction companies are investing in Malaysia. It has directly affected the job market in the construction sector as the number of construction jobs in Malaysia is also on the rise.

It is a great recovery from the state which experienced a massive plunge of 6.2 % in its economy during the recession. The construction sector was also not spared during that time as it experienced a huge downturn too. However, recession is now a thing of the past as Malaysia is experiencing a bustling construction industry with new projects taking off every other day. Though there are testing times ahead but the industry seems to be determined to make up for the loss by starting a flurry of projects. The huge number of jobs created by the flourish of the construction market requires a large pool of work force to give the whole process a proper shape. However, there is no need to worry as Malaysia has a world class infrastructure to educate students in order to perform well in the construction sector.

Types of jobs in a construction firm

Construction industry in Malaysia absorbs a variety of professionals. There are different departments of a construction firm, which needs high quality professional from time to time. As a result, it creates lot of job opportunities for various types of professionals. However, all those professionals are somewhere related to the construction industry. The variety of job openings in a construction firm includes:

Architect and Town Planner

These professionals are mainly involved in designing buildings and supervising various construction works. They also conduct the studies and assess the cost of various projects. However, architect and town planner are sub-categorized into the following branches:

  • Building architect
  • Town planning architect
  • Landscape architect

Clerk-of-Works (Site Supervisor)

They are also an integral part of a construction firm as they are involved in the inspection of construction projects. Moreover, they also bear the responsibility of conducting tests on the standard of materials used.

Draughtsman (Technical Officer, Technician)

The Draughtsman is involved in preparing working plans and sketches for the mechanical and engineering work. They also perform the tedious task of duplicating plans of buildings, highways, floating docks geological maps and charts. The particular department includes a number of other workers like:

  • Structural Draughtsman
  • Electrical Draughtsman
  • Civil Draughtsman
  • Cartographical Draughtsman
  • Mechanical Draughtsman
  • Technical Illustration Draughtsman

Property Executive (Estate Officer)

The property executive or the estate officer is mainly involved in dealing with problems of use, development and ownership. He is also responsible for providing the valuable advises for the engagement of the right consultants and contractors.

Quantity Surveyor

The duty of a Quantity surveyor plays a vital role in determining the value of the work and the services. He is the one who is responsible for developing the project budget as he specifies the bills of quantities of various materials, needed to build the project.

Land Surveyor (Technical Officer)

Land surveyor performs the basic function of conducting the surveys that are required to carry out the construction process. The physical survey of the land is a very important part of his duties.

Looking at the wide variety of professionals, absorbed by a construction firm, one can easily estimate the wide number of construction jobs in Malaysia. The country has some of the leading construction forms of the world. The companies which offer a lot of lucrative job offers are as follows:

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