English Speaking Jobs in Malaysia

There is a great demand for English teachers in Malaysia. However, the demand is comparatively less than Korea, Japan or China. If you are a foreigner traveling to Malaysia in search of a job, you can have high chances of getting one as a teacher. The prospect of English speaking jobs in Malaysia is very bright. In the modern age of globalization English has become a universal language of communication between nations. With the increasing number of schools and institutions incorporating English as a core subject in their curriculum, plenty of job prospects have been created in Malaysia.

It is understood that in some of the Asian countries English is still in its nascent stage. As a result, people are not quite exposed to the nuances and the subtleties of the language. This has opened up a host of opportunities for qualified teachers who want to carve out a career for themselves in this field. The job prospects thus created in this segment of the industry is on a rise every now and then.

Apart from this, there are plenty of opportunities for English speaking jobs in Malaysia. Some of these are given below:

Spoken English Teacher in Training Institutions

This is one of the widely available jobs in Malaysia. Preference is given to teachers who come from abroad. So, if you have a flair for speaking and teaching English then this is a great opportunity for you. Growth prospects are also quite healthy in this sector.

Salary: Depends upon the qualification of the candidate, negotiable.

Voice and Accent Trainer

Voice & Accent Trainer, popularly abbreviated as V&A trainer is one of the most sought after jobs in Malaysia. With the increasing number of call centers and BPOs coming into place, V&A trainers are in great demand now. This has created excellent opportunities for young aspirants who want to make a career in this domain. The position is equally viable for experienced people who have the relevant expertise and skill sets to train and teach spoken English to relatively weak subjects.

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